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Trailer Î Hot Dog Girl PDF by ✓ Jennifer Dugan I will be keeping this review non spoiler due to my rant review for this book being full of spoilers Elouise has a crush on Nick Nick has a girlfriend who is a princess while Elouise is a hot dog.
Elouise makes some stupid decisions, takes best friend Seeley down with her Elouise is frustrating What we were sold in the synopsis is not what we were given in this novel By the summary, I thought that this was going to be a story about a girl who was finding herself But that s not what it turned out to be Elouise is a young bi girl who has trauma from her childhood that has never been dealt with, so in turn she treats the people in her life terribly and never takes no for an answer She wants things to always go her way instead of accepting things as they are when they have nothing to d Crap crap crap crap what was running through my head the further into this I got as I realized this book was not working for me or what I thought it would beI wanted to love this From the moment I saw the title and the cover, I wanted to love this so much It seemed quirky and fun and cute and I wanted it in my face so I could make heart eyes at it forever But.
Other than having a bisexual main character, there was like nothing else I liked I loathed the myriad of stupid scheming Lou concocted, all of which she roped in or forced her BFF to carry out, I hated the underhanded and really icky ulterior motives in the whole romantic plot that drove the majority of the story, and overall I just found pretty much all the people in the friend group really unlikeable Or at least not people I could root for Only the oblivious crush and Lou s best Elouise Lou Parker Is Determined To Have The Absolute Best, Most Impossibly Epic Summer Of Her Life There Are Just A Few Things Standing In Her Way She S Landed A Job At Magic Castle Playland As A Giant Dancing Hot Dog Her Crush, The Dreamy Diving Pirate Nick, Already Has A Girlfriend, Who Is Literally The Princess Of The Park But Lou S Never Liked Anyone, Guy Or Otherwise, This Much Before, And Now She Wants A Chance At Her Own Happily Ever After Her Best Friend, Seeley, The Carousel Operator, Who S Always Been Up For Anything, Suddenly Isn T When It Comes To Lou S Quest To Set Her Up With The Perfect Girl Or Lou S Scheme To Get Close To Nick And It Turns Out That This Will Be Their Last Summer At Magic Castle Playland Ever Unless She Can Find A Way To Stop It From ClosingJennifer Dugan S Sparkling Debut Coming Of Age Queer Romance Stars A Princess, A Pirate, A Hot Dog, And A Carousel Operator Who Find Love And Themselves In Unexpected People And Unforgettable Places F F FAKE DATING Great summer vibes I was a little irritated with Eloise constantly drooling over a guy who already had a girlfriend, but that was really just the catalyst for the main events in this book The friendship, fake dating, moral struggles, and amusement park setting were all things I really loved This does include f f fake dating to catch the interest of a straight guy, but I really liked that it s addressed as soon as it s brought up The idea of Nick only being into her because of seeing her with another girl is shot down pretty quickly.
The only thing I didn t like was there was a brief mention toward the end about how losing weight was the only way a character felt good about themselves and was perceived as hot Audiobook review 5 stars This was one of my favo Totes adorbs.
Reading this just made me so happy for everyone who s been dying for excellent f f YA romcoms THIS WAS SO CUTE AND I ADORED IT.
This book was a very sweet read Def had its problematic points though.
actual rating 2.
5 starsNo one talk to me No one touch me I m frustrated and disappointed.
WHY DO MY ANTICIPATED READS KEEP LETTING ME DOWN LIKE THIS This one has to be the worst tho There are exactly two things i liked about Hot Dog Girl 1 Lou s dad2 the last couple chapters when everything FINALLY fell into place.
The rest Nope Eloise was infuriating, she kept using her best friend not even looking back enough to consider her feelings, she wanted to break up a couple just because she wanted the guy and and they don t look that in love anyway if i succeed then they weren t a good match anyway and she kept going for it even when she wasn t that interest in the guy as a romantic prospect any I m UGH JUST UGH.
I m gonna go to sleep.

I love love loved the setting of this book, but the plot characters really needed work I felt like this book played into the stereotype that bisexual women only date girls to get the attention of guys and I was just not about it Plus on top of that, this was my second book of the month that revolved really heavily around cheating and I m pretty over it tbh BLAH.
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5 stars This looks like a really fun and fluffy YA summer romance, but believe me when I tell you that it s of a soap opera at an amusement park.
Don t get me wrong, I thought it was entertaining and I would definitely recommend it to those who enjoy dramatic characters and scenarios as well as reading about different relationships blossoming and dying Just be aware that it s not exactly a ha ha book The heroine is engaging and sarcastic and super straight forward so I was bound to enjoy her thoughts and super awkward moments, but I can one hundred percent see why she would drive other readers crazy.
The storyline revolves around the fact that the Magic Castle Playland is closing at the end of the summer, so the heroine has taken upon herself the responsibility of saving the park and is trying to recruit others to her mission.
But r

Jennifer Dugan is a writer, geek, and romantic who writes the kinds of stories she wishes she had growing up In addition to being a young adult novelist, she is also the writer creator of two indie comics She lives in New York with her family, dogs, and an evil cat that is no doubt planning to take over the world.