Trailer ó Playing for Keeps (Feeling the Heat #6) PDF by ↠´ Alison Packard

Trailer ó Playing for Keeps (Feeling the Heat #6) PDF by ↠´ Alison Packard My Review I ve read the majority of the rest of this series and really enjoyed it While this book didn t quite live up to the rest of the books, it was still a pretty good read This book featured Rick, a catcher, who s making his way back into play after an injury and the death of his wife He hasn t been involved with a woman since his wife who was his childhood sweetheart dieduntil he meets Amy Suddenly he s feeling things for a woman that he never expected to feel again.
Amy has had a rough life Her father died when she was young and that rocked the stability in her life, since her mother was fairly flighty She got pregnant young and made a LOT of mistakes early in life But upon moving back to San Francisco, she s been getting her life back on track She doesn t want the attention though from dating a pro baseball player The story line worked for me Cute, but fairly predictable story.
My heart broke for Rick and what he went through with his wife The way everything reminded him of her, the way he still struggled with memories of her and how their families still remained tangled He had to hit rock bottom after a tragic loss like that before he could get back up Amy and Danny are just absolutely adorable Amy is dedicated to providing for her son and giving him everything he deserves especially after he was bullied at this previous school She struggles managing to jobs and raising her son by herself.
Sparks fly with Amy and Rick meet, but Rick isn t the only one with a past that could interfere with their relationship.
He S Riding The Bench She S Living A Lie The Game Of Love Is Won In Extra InningsFollowing A Terrible Tragedy, Rick Taylor Is Making His Comeback To The Major Leagues And The Dating Scene But Years Off The Roster Have Left The Veteran Catcher A Little Rusty It Ll Take A Special Woman To Heal The Heartache Of Losing His Family But The Perfect Contender Refuses To Let Him Try Out Single Mom Amy Vaughn Leads A Double Life Between Her Daytime Job And Her Nightclub Gig, She Can T Afford To Date A Famous Baseball Player Especially When The Publicity Could Bring Her Dark Secret To Light But The Handsome Catcher S Charms Prove Too Strong To ResistWhen Old Memories And New Notoriety Threaten To Tear Them Apart, Rick And Amy Must Learn To Drop Their Defenses, Or They Ll Miss Out On Their Second Chance At Love Playing for Keeps is sort of a second chance for love story Rick is playing for a starting spot as catcher for the Blaze Amy is doing everything she can to protect her son and make their life better since leaving Barstow to come back to San Francisco Rick had lost it all and is working on making better choices and getting his career back The chance meeting of a woman at a night club brings feelings up he hasn t felt in forever Now the woman at the sports agency that represents him stirs that same emotion But why do they seem so similar It s a cute story and pulls you in You can t help but fall for both and hope they get a chance at love I seriously enjoyed it.
Probably like 3.
5 stars, but I didn t feel like I should round up.
I like these books so much Alison Packard has a nice, chill way of writing, even when she s introducing mildly outlandish character backstory, and I just value that so much Hope to see of her and this series.
Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review This story drew me in from the start You have Amy who is a single mom, working 2 jobs trying to make ends meet, and then you have Rick who is the baseball player They both have a secret past that neither want exposed, but eventually, it will all come out This book is part of a series, but can be read as a stand alone I recommend this book Love it As usual, I couldn t stop reading Finished it with in 22 hours I would have finished sooner but my job got in the way Can t wait to read it again lol out of 5Can you really ever go wrong with a sports romance I m positively sure the answer to that is no One of the things I loved most about the book is that it seems realistic in this day and age with a normal courtship that I totally believe Everyday people going on dates and falling in love A sweet, beautiful story.
The story revolves around our heroine, a single mother who balances not only a day job but a night job as waitress to an exclusive club at night There she meets our hero, a major league pitcher and a widower who loved his first wife and lost her in a car accident, and the chemistry between them is there Funnily enough our heroine in her day job works for a sports management company that directly deals with our hero and his team After some awkward clutzy moment

This was a really sweet romance between 2 people who had been hurt by love but in very different ways I liked that they decided to give love a second chance with each other The slow way that they got to know each other made sense in many ways I knew that Amy keeping her past a secret would come back to bite her, but I understood why she didn t With that being said, Rick s reaction pissed me off mostly because it wasn t a blow up and over it, it was a blow up and stay blown up I do wonder had he not gotten some news about his dead wife if things might have been different I was glad that Trey ripped into Rick about things with Amy, it was the start of getting through his head The ending to this one was perfect, loved that we got our HEA, but also that Danny got some great news too Playing for Keeps is a sweet, second chance story about two people who both need not only a second chance at love, but also at life Amy Vaughn is a hard working, determined young single mom When her father died when she was 16, her life spiraled down hill Some things were the result of bad choices on her part, but mostly her situations were from just being dealt a crappy hand in life But now she s the mother of an adorable, precocious eight year old son, and she s determined to do what s best for him Her current goal to save enough money so they can move out of the state of California has her moonlighting as a cocktail waitress at a trendy San Francisco nightclub.
Rick Taylor had everything going for him a career as a professional baseball player, a marriage to his high school sweetheart, and a child on the way Then in a matter of a few months he lost it all Three ye

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