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[ Pdf Sea Monsters í climbing PDF ] by Chloe Aridjis ë Chloe Aridjis powerful evocation of Mexico is the real star of this mesmerizing novel 17 year old Luisa falls in love with the enigmatic 19 year old Tom s, and together, they run away from Mexico City to the beach community of Zipolite on the southern coast of Oaxaca Aridjis herself grew up in Mexico City, and the text reflects her intimate knowledge of the culture and the scenery What sets her story apart from typical travel and coming of age tales is that she dares to venture into mythology and even employs Baudelaire and Burroughs to strenghten the text s hallucinatory quality Luisa is of course trying to find herself through travel, but she knows about the dangers of the sea For school, she has been analyzing Charles Baudelaire s poem Un Voyage Cyth re from Les Fleurs du Mal which deals with the shattered dreams of a poetQuelle est cette le triste et noire C est Cyth re, Nous Chloe has written a novel that is quiet, charming, and familiar Because it described itself as pulsing to the soundtrack of Joy Division, Nick Cave, and Siouxsie and the Banshees , I was expecting of a classic 80 s vibe than it gave off I mean, hell, Luisa is name dropping all of the music that accompanied me throughout most of my teenage years The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode Nonetheless, it managed to unearth some long forgotten memories, running around with boys I knew my parents wouldn t approve of, doing things I knew the police wouldn t approve of, and yet still struggling with that feeling of being just this side of bored with it all Of long road trips with limited funds, of spending evenings on the beach listening to the waves crashing in, and of falling in love with every cute boy, or good looking guy, that cr

I know nothing about this author, but saw some buzz about the book, and am remarkably impressed with the author s incredibly deft way with prose Over and over, I marked passages to be repeated, but there are too many Aridjis is a poet at heart, and a highly intelligent one, at that I LOVED her way with words and her quick sketches the book is really a group of tiny sketches strung together on history, shipwrecks, sea forms that interrupt the flow of the plot This is a very brief, contemporary Odyssey set in 1990s Mexico , and the young female narrator comes to learn that imagining travel is probably better than actually traveling since no journey can ever satisfy human desire So, indeed, the reader is left as unsatisfi 3.
5 Don t expect a magical tale involving Sea Monsters per se This is an enigmatic, hazy, suggestive novel, perhaps a bit like Hot Milk by Deborah Levy It s poetic in the sense that Aridjis is in no hurry whatsoever in terms of plot but rather focuses on describing seemingly inconsequential things that the narrator perceives in specific places in 1980s Mexico, creating a very strong sense of place thanks to her sublime language Some of the perceived haziness may be due to the fact that I read 70% of the novel during a flight, but it seems that many reviewers agree on the general sense of not knowing Go in for the atmosphere and the language, otherwise you might be disappointed I truly enjoyed immersing myself in this storyworld, but I would have appreciated a little dynamics I m still n Somewhere between 2.
5 and three stars There s some lovely writing here and very occasionally a striking image but most of this narrative is a rather tired, trite, saggy Bildungsroman dressed up with hip, now somewhat retro, musical references and pallidly evoked Mexican locales If I m going to read about Mexican teens, I d much rather spend my time with Guadalupe Nettel or Carmen Boullosa I get the feeling Aridjis is going for something deep here, something mythically resonant all the Kythera Anti Kythera stuff, the Baudelaire, the father who s a classics professor , but hell if I know what it is it certainly never surfaces in this meandering, excessively loose narrative.
A distinct disappointment after all the hype.
I read the first 30 pages and I have no idea what s happening apart from nothing much , except that a 17 year old girl is exploring derelict mansions in a Mexican town with one guy or another The atmosphere is well done, but there s no way the nonexistent plot can keep me reading for another 145 pages Shame I never even got to those Ukrainian dwarves.
This novel is filled with wonder and surprise Gorgeous passages evoke a sense of wanderlust, of comfortable dislocation and a sort of longed for isolation It s rare to find a novel that marries the post punk, gothic influences of my youth to the sun drenched, Oaxacan daydream of my current existence Chloe Aridjis, someone skilled in the painterly art of wordscapes and with such an internationally replete experience, deftly explores this odd combination.
Sea Monsters is a mesmerizing novel Really it is About a seventeen year old Luisa who lives in Mexico City and takes off one autumn afternoon She gets on to a bus to the Pacific Coast with a boy named Tom s who she barely knows He is everything she isn t and maybe that s the pull What are they on the lookout for What is it that they are seeking Well, for that you must really read the book Sea Monsters is coming of age in a way that I have rarely read before Aridjis makes it even great by jumping between narratives from character driven to research and plot driven which had me hooked The storyline is most certainly unsettling, given the teenager being the protagonist and, on the run, however, it is the routine that drives the novel and the knowledge of how most voyages either fa Pulsing To The Soundtrack Of Joy Division, Nick Cave, And Siouxsie And The Banshees, Sea Monsters Offers An Intoxicating Portrait Of Mexico In The Late SOne Autumn Afternoon In Mexico City, Seventeen Year Old Luisa Does Not Return Home From School Instead, She Boards A Bus To The Pacific Coast With Tom S, A Boy She Barely Knows He Seems To Represent Everything Her Life Is Lacking Recklessness, Impulse, IndependenceTom S May Also Help Luisa Fulfill An Unusual Obsession She Wants To Track Down A Traveling Troupe Of Ukrainian Dwarfs According To Newspaper Reports, The Dwarfs Recently Escaped A Soviet Circus Touring Mexico The Imagined Fates Of These Performers Fill Luisa S Surreal Dreams As She Settles In A Beach Community In Oaxaca Surrounded By Hippies, Nudists, Beachcombers, And Eccentric Storytellers, Luisa Searches For Someone, Anyone, Who Will Promise, No Matter What, To Remain A Mystery It Is A Quest Easily Envisioned Than Accomplished As She Wanders The Shoreline And Visits The Local Bar, Luisa Begins To Disappear Dangerously Into The Lives Of Strangers On Zipolite, The Beach Of The Dead Meanwhile, Her Father Has Set Out To Find His Missing Daughter A Mesmeric Portrait Of Transgression And Disenchantment Unfolds Sea Monsters Is A Brilliantly Playful And Supple Novel About The Moments And Mysteries That Shape Us A dreamy, spellbinding novel that blends tropical escapism, 80 s new wave, and magic realism from urban Mexico City to the exotic resort beaches of Oaxaca Like a sugary, umbrella laden cocktail, one could argue that Sea Monsters has an abundance of style and quirk over substance, but for myself, it was just fun to go adrift with teen runaway Luisa on this strange adventure, and take in the remarkable mood and atmosphere that Aridjis created Think of this as a thinking person s beach book and you ll be sure to enjoy the ride, even if the destination is a little foggy.

Chloe Aridjis was born in New York and grew up in the Netherlands and Mexico City After receiving a BA from Harvard, she went on to receive a PhD from Oxford University A collection of essays on Magic and Poetry in Nineteenth century France was released in 2005 Her first novel, Book of Clouds, followed in 2009, winning the Prix du Premier Roman Etranger in France.