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õ Read ☆ Call It What You Want by Brigid Kemmerer õ Rob and Maegan s story is out in the world today, friends The idea for this book started when I said to myself, What if I took Robin Hood and put him in a modern day high school I hope you love the story, and I can t wait to hear what you think Thank you all so much for being a part of my dream.
My hEART belongs to Brigid Kemmerer contemporaries ok I will full on softly cry on your arm right now, because I really loved this book, plus it stressed me most wholly out And then the ending was the perfect mix of heartbreak and satisfying roundedness that I just want melt into this book and thank it for existing I did actually think this was part of the Letters to the Lost series, but it isn t So you can read this one without having read LTTL except tbh you should go read LTTL because it is one of my all time forever favourites, so if you haven t tried it yet and you want to ugly cry into your sleeve read IT What could go wrong plotWe have two story lines interweaving here Rob, who s treated as a class criminal because his father was caught for embezzlement and then tried to commit suicide and Rob f

5 I m gonna need Brigid Kemmerer to never stop writing her contemporaries Her stories fill my soul right up They re always so intense, so heart aching, with such wonderfully flawed and beautiful characters that are alive on those pages She has a knack for writing stories that centre around broken teens coming from broken homes and having the readers follow them on their journey What I like is that by the end of it, these characters aren t healed But they are on their way to carving their own path after having been beaten down and harshly and unfairly judged I like that she focuses on offering different perspectives and outlooks, shattering the outer images that people base our entire lives on, and truly forming relationships with others for who they are To judge less and focus on your own faults instead Perspective is everything Perspectives provi I am always impressed when authors are able to successfully alternate between genres I have read A CURSE SO DARK AND LONELY from this author not so long ago and it was an incredible fantasy Call It What You Want is a contemporary romance devoid of any magic and curses, but it s a gripping story nonetheless and proof that authors should be encouraged to explore multiple genres and topics Sometimes they fail, but they still deserve points for trying In her case, Brigid Kemmerer can write anything and everything because she fully understands emotions, compassion and the concepts of intention, motivation and dedication She manages to breathe that knowledge into her own characters so that they, too, can be three dimensional human beings who have a purpose This isn t an easy story to read It s fast paced, s Edit I was lucky enough to meet Brigid at a local singing I just I just need Kemmerer in my life okay Review to come.
Buddy read with 4.
5 STARSAAHHH I LOVED THIS SO FRIGGIN MUCHAlso, I m crying I don t know if it s a happy cry or sad cry, but I am crying.
I ll probably write a review when the level of my adrenaline has lowered and I m not sobbing like a crazy any Storytime My best friend gave me this book as a birthday present and I asked her out of curiosity why this book in particular because it was already in my tbr but I never told her about it so she said Easy, I know your favorite genre is young adult and I know you love pink I guess I taught her well This is my first time reading a Brigid Kemmerer book, so I m very excited i did not succeed.
review to come me attempting to enjoy a Brigid Kemmerer book, take three andaction mucho thanks to Bloomsbury for the ARC When His Dad Is Caught Embezzling Funds From Half The Town, Rob Goes From Popular Lacrosse Player To Social Pariah Even Worse, His Father S Failed Suicide Attempt Leaves Rob And His Mother Responsible For His Care Everyone Thinks Of Maegan As A Typical Overachiever, But She Has A Secret Of Her Own After The Pressure Got To Her Last Year And When Her Sister Comes Home From College Pregnant, Keeping It From Her Parents Might Be Than She Can HandleWhen Rob And Maegan Are Paired Together For A Calculus Project, They Re Both Reluctant To Let Anyone Through The Walls They Ve Built But When Maegan Learns Of Rob S Plan To Fix The Damage Caused By His Father, It Could Ruin Than Their Fragile New FriendshipThis Captivating, Heartfelt Novel Asks The Question Is It Okay To Do Something Wrong For The Right Reasons This Is A Previously Published Edition Of ISBN An Alternative Cover Edition For This ISBN Can Be Found Here But sometimes I think everyone needs to take a long look in the mirror before they go main an issue about someone else s life Rating 4.
5 5 starstw suicide attempt, talk of abortion, bullyingHands down, this is my favorite Brigid Kemmerer book so far Her contemporary novels feed my soul every damn time And I should have known that this would be the cure to my reading slump, considering I was hooked on this story by page five Kemmerer has a way with words that makes her books almost impossible to put down The relateability of her characters, their struggles, and the worlds she builds will have you done with her books in no time and craving.
Maegan and Rob are both just trying to keep their heads down and make it through the school year after two scandals change

Brigid Kemmerer is the New York Times bestselling author of dark and alluring Young Adult novels like A Curse So Dark and Lonely, More Than We Can Tell, and Letters to the Lost Bloomsbury , as well as paranormal YA stories like The Elemental Series and Thicker Than Water Kensington A full time writer, Brigid lives in the Balti area with her husband, her boys, her dog, and her cat When she