· The Guest Book ¿ Download by É Sarah Blake

· The Guest Book ¿ Download by É Sarah Blake An Unforgettable Love Story, A Novel About Past Mistakes And Betrayals That Ripple Throughout Generations, The Guest Book Examines Not Just A Privileged American Family, But A Privileged America It Is A Literary Triumph The Guest Book Follows Three Generations Of A Powerful American Family, A Family That Used To Run The WorldAnd When The Novel Begins In , They Still Do Kitty And Ogden Milton Appear To Have Everything Perfect Children, Good Looks, A Love Everyone Envies But After A Tragedy Befalls Them, Ogden Tries To Bring Kitty Back To Life By Purchasing An Island In Maine That Island, And Its House, Come To Define And Burnish The Milton Family, Year After Year After Year And It Is There That Kitty Issues A Refusal That Will Haunt Her Till The Day She DiesIn A Young Jewish Man, Len Levy, Will Get A Job In Ogden S Bank And Earn The Admiration Of Ogden And One Of His Daughters, But The Scorn Of Everyone Else Len S Best Friend Reg Pauling Has Always Been The Only Black Man In The Room At Harvard, At Work, And Finally At The Miltons Island In MaineAn Island That, At The Dawn Of The St Century, This Last Generation Doesn T Have The Money To Keep When Kitty S Granddaughter Hears That She And Her Cousins Might Be Forced To Sell It, And When Her Husband Brings Back Disturbing Evidence About Her Grandfather S Past, She Realizes She Is On The Verge Of Finally Understanding The Silences That Seemed To Hover Just Below The Surface Of Her Family All Her LifeAn Ambitious Novel That Weaves The American Past With Its Present, The Guest Book Looks At The Racism And Power That Has Been Systemically Embedded In The US For Generations Brimming With Gorgeous Writing And Bitterly Accurate Social Criticism, It Is A Literary Tour De Force An emotional, heart wrenching story of true love is one aspect of why I loved this multi generational story The Guest Book will not be on everyone s best list, but it definitely is on mine.
Ogden and Kitty Milton are a couple that have it all Wealth, privilege, love and the right lineage They suffer a tragedy early in the book and for that Kitty has a hard time coping To help snap Kitty out of it , Ogden buys her an island off the coast of Maine, where they can summer each year with their large family and use it as a place to repair and recover from immense grief We also read from the perspective of Moss, Joan and Evelyn their children and then Evie one of their granddaughters Evie is the grandchild that takes her love of the island the most seriously and when it becomes financially clear that it might not be possible for the The Guest Book by Sarah Blake is a 2019 Flatiron books publication An Epic multi generational family saga exposing long buried secrets and truths not only providing a mirrored reflection of the privileged Milton s, but of the entire country as well There is the crime and there is silence In the mid thirties, golden couple Ogden and Kitty Milton, recovering from a horrific tragedy, purchase Crockett Island, making it a point of renewal They will summer there every year of their lives, thereafter, as do their children, and their grandchildren But now the money has run out and the house is in ill repair, leaving the painful decision about the island s future to rest in the hands of the only surviving family members a trio of cousins, who each have their own agenda Nothing will ever change Su

She knew silence often flew in between families and roosted Slow, inexplicable angers grew without roots Nothing special, no story What the study of history had taught her, clearly, after years and years, was that she might pull up the single moments from the darkness where they lay centuries old, she might point to a spot in time, a line in a diary, the particular shredding of a blue ribbon used to tie a shoe, she might string these together and say here is what happened And history would sit back on her heels and laugh and laugh Most families have secrets tucked away in every nook and cranny of their family history The Miltons are no different, maybe just so because they are a rarefied breed of the American success story that most dream about, but few obtainThey expected the moon, and they got it And they got it all, all the while impeccably dressedThe 4 starsA family saga spanning three generations, a story complicated by secrets that take decades to be revealed A privileged family, with money, a father so conscious of the family status reflected in the symbol of the island off the coast of Maine that he just has to buy it I want this place, he said quietly I want this house to be ours And everyone sailing by would know it stood for us It would mean something They d see it and think, there s the Milton place Kitty and Ogden Milton The Milton s of Crockett s Island The mother s belief that they are somehow better, know better and are above anything even prejudice But it s a self delusion really, as they harbor deep seated bias and prejudice that they don t show outwardly But, Kitty s son Moss knows things need to change Why are we here

Sarah is the author of the novels, Grange House, the bestselling The Postmistress, and The Guest Book forthcoming a chapbook of poems, Full Turn, and the artist book Runaway Girls in collaboration with the artist Robin Kahn She lives in Washington DC with her husband, the poet Joshua Weiner, their two sons, and a little white dog.