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Ø Duel at Araluen Ý Download by Ó John Flanagan Duel at Araluen is another exciting and satisfying addition to the Royal Ranger series Full of beloved characters, danger, adventure, and a triumphant ending that is sure to delight readers Highly recommended I was so excited to start this book after finishing THE RED FOX CLAN, which ended on quite a cliffhanger This story picked right up from where it had left off Maddie gets to test her skills and really comes into her own in this story She also gets some help from some old friends of her parents, blending three series this one, Ranger s Apprentice, and Brotherband all together I couldn t help outright grinning during parts when Maddie and her allies triumph and when their enemies make mistakes and get frustrated It was a fun, entertaining, heartfelt read I m looking forward to from this series and hopefully with Will Treaty who I missed in this story.
In the end, was it what I wished Picking up exactly where The Red Fox Clan ended, Regent Cassandra and King Duncan are besieged on the 8th 9th floor of a tower at Castle Araluen by the treacherous Dimon while Ranger Gilan and Knight Horace are besieged in a fort elsewhere by a much larger force Only Princess Maddie, a fourth year Ranger apprentice, seems to be able to accomplish anything by sneaking out of the Castle to enlist the help of the Heron brotherband by spying on the enemy to learn their attack plans and by passing along those plans to Gilan and Horace with a message arrow Good action, I liked Cassandra s unwavering leadership under attack with Duncan s help when needed , the camaraderie of the brotherband, and the unwavering Skandian support for their allies King Duncan And Princess Cassandra Are Trapped High In The South Tower Of Castle Araluen In The North, Sir Horace And Ranger Commandant Gilan Are Besieged In An Old Hill Fort, As They Wait For The Red Fox Clan S Next Attack Ranger S Apprentice Maddie Must Find The Heron Brotherband And Convince Them To Join Her, So She Can Give Her Father The Help He Needs To Break Out From The Hill Fort And Ride To Confront The Traitor Will They Reach Castle Araluen In Time And When The Battles Have Been Fought And The Dust Has Settled, Who Will Rule The Kingdom Of Araluen THE ROYAL RANGER IS BACK AND THE STAKES ARE HIGHER THAN EVER IN THE WORLD OF RANGER S APPRENTICEOM THE AUTHOR OF THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING RANGER S APPRENTICE AND BROTHERBAND SERIES THAT HAVE SOLD A MASSIVE MILLION COPIES WORLDWIDE I didn t even know that this one had came out, but hey, it did and I m not complaining I will begin saying that the original Ranger s Apprentice series, especially the earlier books were some of my favourite middle grade books alongside Percy Jackson and Harry Potter I m also Australian, so maybe it is because I like reading books by Australian authors Either way, I did greatly enjoy this latest book set in Araluen.
This book is by far one of the serious books in the series, being a continuation of the last book of this civil war involving the Red Fox Clan One thing to note is that I have read a lot of adult fantasy, and also have learnt quite a lot about history since I first began reading the first book, so here are some of my pointers The scale of the world is actually quite small to what the real world is, though I completely understand this as it is for you I first started reading the Ranger s Apprentice series with my son when he was 9 years old.
Nearly 5 years have passed since then and he still eagerly awaits each new release.
This installment did not disappoint Het volgende geweldige deel in een geweldige serie I really don t know what to rate this one Out of all of the Flanagan books that I have read, this book and it s previous installment have been my least favorite I like Maddie as a character, but the books have been too short too really get to know her or understand her She s also an apprentice as shown by the title, but we didn t get a lot of teaching moments because Will is absent for the cast majority of this book and it s predecessor I also kind of feel like Maddie seems overly skilled in this book and I think that is because I haven t seen her practice and grow like Will did There were some parts that I loved about this book though.
The epilogue was fantastic, the duel between Cassandra and the villain was intense and well written I m also a sucker for any time the Skandians show up Aaah Another Royal Ranger book I love these SOOOOO much, and I am not alone Blogger Julia Tomiak has a great post on why SHE loves the Ranger s Apprentice books, and I agree with everything she has said At Kidlitcon, someone said that the reason WWII is appealing to write and read about than other military conflicts is that it has very clear cut bad guys and good guys I think the same can be said about The Ranger s Apprentive Not only are the Araluens and Skandians fighting on the side of right, but they are just good people They are nice to their horses, they treat their soldiers well, they give women equal opportunities The Red Fox Clan is NOT good They are also clumsily stupid, mean, and only clever eno

happy sigh If there s one series that hits all my sweet spots, it is the Ranger s Apprentice series This book wasn t perfect, but it was still good Better than some of the recent Brotherband Chronicles, though not quite up to the pinnacle of perfection that books 8 9 were But they are hard to match Likes Horace and Gilan together Gilan is a favorite, and he gets lots of screen time in this and the previous book the Herons This has an epic crossover between the Rangers Apprentice series and the Brotherband Chronicles I did miss the fact that Lydia wasn t with them for an unexplained reason besides just that she stayed behind in Skandia for some reason Maddie she really comes into her own in this book realistic female warriors John Flanagan is one of the best writers fo It would have been better if Halt had been in it and if Will had been in than just the very end, but it was still good Maddie s come a long way since the beginning of the first Royal Ranger, and she s learned to stay silent when someone steps on her hand Horace and Gilan are still awesome and the Heron brotherband was a nice addition I just hope Will s a bigger part of the next one At least, I m assuming there s going to be a next one There d better be.

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