å Deviant Control (The Controllers #3) µ Download by å L.V. Lane

å Deviant Control (The Controllers #3) µ Download by å L.V. Lane Short and not at all sweet, it s sinfully steamy omega verse The h is a doctor and has lost herself to her dynamic and like her, it s special She has 2 Alphas managing her, one is said to be deviant, but even though she is mostly lost to the omega haze, she watches the 2nd H Fast paced story, and I can t wait for the next part of their story I loved seeing snippets of people from previous books This is a series that deserves to be re read when each book is published Love it so much.
St Part With Her Father On The Ruling Council, Doctor Lillian Brach Had Lived A Coveted Life Rising To Director Of The Viral Research Program, She Had Carved A Place For Herself Within The EmpireBut Her Life Plans Changed The Day She Revealed As An OmegaHer Former Research Partner, Erison Tsing, Has Assumed Control Of The Program Her Singularity Unique Omega Gift Brings Challenges Than Benefits And Tsing S Methods Of Testing Her Gift Stamp Over Moral And Ethical BoundariesSecretly Suppressing Her Heat, And Clinging To A Measure Of Independence Unheard Of For An Omega, Her Life Is Precarious EnoughBut When The Viral Research Center Comes Under Attack, She Makes Some Questionable DecisionsHer Escort Soldier Has Been Shotby Her Hand She Was Trying To Save His LifeNow She Is Trapped Outside The Safe Zone, And Enemy Soldiers Are Closing InHer Father Promised She Would Never Be Allocated A Controller But That S About To Change Alpha controller 3 starsFirstly I loved the power exchange dynamic, however was not a fan of the shared controllers The book was written well, set in a dystopian universe where multiple dynamics exist This story between the omega and alpha is steamy with complete power exchange Also good support characters with the Program director and a bit of action with the extraction of the omega after a security breach.
OMG, this series is getting better and better Blown away by this book and it s part one Where is part two I love Alpha Omega dynamics and this book and series is must read The story is short and leaves you wanting Hopefully spankings Growth Eagerly waiting for the next book Love how your writing has grown from one book to another Started to fall in love with the characters

Where to begin There is no place I have never been there but it s one hell of a ride If you don t read it, your missing something truly amazing Of the thousands of books I have read, in every janra know to man, this stacks into the top five for me And each book is better than the last And it is so much than just dark The characters holds you fast, for love and hate, and sometimes both A kaleidoscope of feeling and emotions ever twisting and turning If Book 2 of the third , and best, does not arrive soon, then I will find myself ranting as I did at the end of Kill Bill part one I mean, who stops there A bit sadistic if you ask me Which you didn t, but fair warning, you may not survive it Gurrrr What a twistThere is no way you would be so cruel a to leave me hanging like this Oh, wait you live to torment your readers Lillian has been one of my favorite characters in this series since the beginning I was a bit upset putting it mildly when it was believed that once she presented she was no longer worthy of being the lead scientist And to put you know who in charge I am eager to see him get his comeuppance I know he is up to something evil I have to admit I was very impressed with how you explained the shift in psychological dynamics once she presented and how she handled the transition.
Let us move on to her controllersHoly hotness I need They both are wells of untapped darkness bleeding onto the pages.
Oh and the lithe tidbit you slipped in about her blood I m hopi

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