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[ Pdf Taking Control (The Controllers, #1) Ù horse-racing PDF ] by L.V. Lane Ù 4 fabulously developed stars This is LV Lane s debut novel in the world of Omegaverse Not only was this a debut but it was also a first in series which I am immensely looking forward to continuing I had a bit of trouble with the beginning of the story For me, it felt like events occurred a little too quickly leaving the reader without important details As though we were just given the highlights if only to get us moving along I admit I almost bailed I m really really glad I didn t Once the story gets going Lane sends to find her groove and wow does she deliver Yes, there are missing pieces and some questions, at least for me, were left unanswered I cannot deny however that a few chapters in I was completely engaged and immersed in the characters and the storyline I was definitely wanting Many people presumed all Omegas to be submi A great new edition to the Omegauniverse I really really enjoyed this book It was easy to understand the different dynamics.
One thing I really missed though, which I kept waiting for was the knotting, and that just never happened I felt quite bereft,reading these really good erotic scenes, but an Alpha Omega book mf without knotting frustrated me to no end, because of that I decided to give it 4 stars instead of 5 Because for me personally it s a must I hope the 2nd book will be here soon, the author has something really good going here Eloise is one of the rare Omegas and when Logan, her Alpha controller sets the rules she s torn with following her own path and obeying him An enjoyable Sci Fi romance that gets deliciously hot and steamy while we find out what s happening during the mission The storyline is consistent and vivid, we get to learn these characters in detail with their dual POV throughout the story.
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I am so torn doing this review I ll be honest, I almost quit reading at around 49%, I just couldn t connect with the story or the characters To quote the female MC, I felt numb and a little lost But the last third sort of got better and was enjoyable.
The first half of the book, the story seemed to take second place to the sex Don t get me wrong, I love these books for that very reason butI need there to be a really good story to go along with it.
ELOISE Elouise is a little omega with a particular gift She seems to be an empath, as she can pick up the emotions of the people she touches and also those nearby.
They didn t always have dynamics until a virus was set loose and pretty much turned the whole planet upside down Now they have omegas, Alphas and Betas.
Some of the Omegas hav Meh The characters were forgettable and to be honest a bit boring without strongly defined personality traits The story idea was decent, the action scenes were good The steamy scenes were nice and hot though Generally okay read for me.

Interesting readI wasn t sure when I read the description of this book of it was going to be something that would interest me I m so glad that I took a chance and clicked it as my kindle unlimited choice What a fabulous read I couldn t put this book down I m getting ready to click the next book in this series Thank you LV for writing such a excellent book love this amazing addicting love story of Eloise and Logan.
Ready for gimme This book was just too much sex for me I wanted a deeper connection and it just felt very surface level The story was okay.
The writer s first release is a gem In this science fantasy world, a virus has divided society into different layers, and our heroine feels uncomfortable as a late blooming Omega Then she is assigned to the overwhelming Alpha H The writer lured me into the plot which I thought was good and revealed with increasing intensity through each chapter I did think the pacing was a little uneven For instance the steam was great, but too much in the beginning, not enough at the end The h was overwhelmed at first, loses her mind which is never a good trope for me, I would have liked her to be a little stronger, so I debated 4 or 5 stars but as I couldn t put it down it deserved 5 stars I will be buying the next book, can t wait.
There Is A War, And People With Skills Are Deployed When And Where It Suits The Cause Even Omegas Where Necessary, They Are Allocated Protection A Controller And They Are Told To Submit Fully To The Controller That It Is RecommendedBut The War Brings Many Changes Omegas Must Be Protected At All Costs And What Was Once A Recommendation Might Soon Become A MandateEloise Is An Omega, And With Her First Deployment Imminent She Has Already Decided That She Won T Submit To Full Control Not While The Law Still Protects Her But They Haven T Allocated Her To An Ordinary Controller, They Ve Let The Best Of Them Fight For The Right And Nothing Is Going To Stop The One Who Comes Out On Top From Claiming His Prize

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