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Download Epub Format ç The Fat Boy Chronicles PDF by ç Diane Lang I met the authors at the International Reading Association conference in May I purchased the book because I have a soon to be step grandson who has faced bullying and peer horrors This book was an eye opener It is so difficult for parents and teachers to see the destruction of words Every teacher needs to read this book It should be on the required reading list for every middle school in the country, but to be read as a discussion book in a class, not just a homework project.
I read this book because it is part of the OverDrive Summer reading initiative It is aimed at students in grades 6 12 I had to make myself stop reading and go to sleep last night which is a sign of a good book for me, but it made me sad I wondered if some of my students have been bullied behind my back like Jimmy was I want to remember this book and be extra vigilant for students who might be bullied in the future I also won t be so quick to let a comment slide if a student tells me it s okay they were just playing around The characters seem like real teenagers, and most of the scenarios are very realistic There is some hope at the end So, it isn t a downer of a book I didn t find it as funny as some of the other reviewers did, but maybe that is because I have a different perspective as a teacher I would recommend that all my teacher friends read it.
My cousin called me and said, You need to read this book Its called The Fat Boy Chronicles I know it sounds a little weird, but it s a true story and it is amazing So, I listened to her and I started reading the book I don t know what happened to me, but all of a sudden I felt like I was in the book I could not look away, even if I tried The book was just that good.
The book is about a boy named Jimmy Winterpock He is only 5 5 at 14 years old, but he weighs 187 pounds He knows that the world that we live in is ruled by taunting thin people, and his high school really showed him that He was bullied my many people They called him fatty and piggy and other mean names that got to his head So, Jimmy came up with a plan to lose weight and win the girl of his dreams, Sable because obviously the girl of his dreams wouldn t like a fat piggy like him Jimmy was e Reviewed by YA Librarian Elizabeth for TeensReadToo.
comThe Fat Boy Chronicles is inspired by a true story.
14 year old Jimmy has to write a diary about his life for English class He reluctantly does this, even though he thinks it is lame, but soon opens up about his struggles being at a new school, and constantly and cruelly being teased for being overweight.
Jimmy and his best friend, Paul, drift apart when Paul becomes overwhelmed by family problems and obsessed with proving his neighbor is the man who murdered a girl in their town Jimmy s popular sister can eat anything she wants and stay thin He has a crush on Whitney, who is nice to him but won t acknowledge she knows him in front of others.
Frustrated by his life, Jimmy goes on a diet and exercises and starts to lose weight and finds his new look changes his old outlook on life.
I really liked the main character in this book He was believable, courageous, and genuinely cared about those around him This is an excellent book about managing and living through being bullied The story line allows readers to experience how a few thoughtless words can have a huge negative impact on another s life It s not always apparent what another person is going through, and thisIt also emphasized how important friends are in this stage of life At times, it can be preachy and illustrates how God and church help keep life in perspective.

I met David and Diane at a conference in New Orleans, and after listening to them read a selection and then discuss the premise of how the book came to be, I bought it and had them sign it I believe this book is a book that parents and teachers should read I was very glad that Jimmy s story is one of hope and that through hard work and effort, you can change a bad situation for the better This story is being made into a movie, and certainly one I will show to my classes.
Lang and Buchanan touch on some topics that have stigma attached to them like obesity, cutting, bullying, and abuse All in all, a great book I really liked the authors and wish them the best with their movie and future books.
This is a terrific book As a teacher, the voice of the narrator is sincere and true I don t know if I ve ever read another YA book that was as believable in how the characters are portrayed I cheered and laughed throughout the majority of it It was refreshing to see that church was a place that the young boy felt accepted, as many YA novels take a different approach Also, the fact that it was inspired based on a true story made the story even better Please read it I loaned my copy to a student, so I cannot loan it to you I really liked this book and finished it in one day thank you, summer vacation The narrator is a ninth grade boy who is writing this journal as a school assignment and his description of the struggles he encounters starting at a new school as an overweight student with no friends I enjoyed the narrator s intelligent, thoughtful, and well meaning character throughout the story, as opposed to some other novels high school male narrators who tend to be aloof and annoying to me Catcher in the Rye, Perks of Being a Wallflower, etc This book was just wow I like how the main character Jimmy was portrayed He was 5 5 and 187 pounds He was a Freshmen in a new high school his family always moved him for some reason He was a friendly person but he had no friends On his first day of school he sat with this other loner kid and was not so great He was pushed around by the jocks In gym class he was called piggy one time in order to make friends he decided to dare a friend to run across the gym and back in his underpants He did that too but instead they closed the door on him, he was naked on the hallway Since he was tired of people calling him piggy he decided to loose wight and started to run a lot He met this girl in English Julia, who he fell in love with He was given this journal to write his feelings everyday for English homework He mostly wrote about Julia He invited her to c I M The Diet Challenged Kid Who Sits In The Last Seat By The Door I M Probably Bigger Now Than I Was This Morning Because Your Class Is Right After Lunch And Homeroom, Writes Jimmy Winterpock At Age Fourteen, Jimmy Weighs Pounds Outside The Comfort Of His Family And Church, Life For Jimmy Is A Constant Struggle The Cruel Taunts Of His Classmates Make Going To School Or Playing Sports A Humiliating Experience Yet, He Still Manages To Focus On His Goals To Lose Weight And Win Over The Girl Of His Dreams Inspired By A True Story, The Fat Boy Chronicles Reveals To Readers The Emotionally Painful World Obese Teens Experiece In The Face Of A Thin Obsessed Society

An effervescent speaker and impassioned naturalist, Diane Lang began working as a docent at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek, California in 2001 Over the next decade, she presented public programs about the various wild animals that reside at the museum, led class tours, visited schools, and worked directly with the museum s non releasable hawks, owls, falcons, and yes, vultures Befor