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î Read ½ How to Tempt a Duke by Kasey Michaels î S ms cak Daughtry Family 1 Kasey Michaels, Ben bu kitaptan bir ey anlamad m Olduk a e lenceli bir kitap sanm t m oysa ki ba larda g zel ba lad nk sonra anlams z kar k bir hal ald zelikle ikili aras nda ki durum S k c yd ad ile hi alakas yoktu ve nas l s yleyim belki eviriden kar k geldi sevmedim very nice Pleasant story, nice romance and heroes to like.
le do en mayoEntretenida se deja leer S ms cak Kasey MichaelsPek begendigim bir kitap olamadi ne yaz k ki D rt kitapl k bir seri serinin di er kitaplar nas l olur bilemem ama bu ilk kitap fazla dura an ve sakin geldi bana Ask pek hissedemedim.
Yazar ask ve tutkuya ek olarak,dostluk,arkadasl gida isliyordu Ama maalesef heyecan yoktu Hikaye Napoleon savas zamaninda geciyorSavastan Amcasi ve kuzenlerinin bir deniz kazasinda lmesi ile bir d k olarak d nen Rafael Daughtry D kl g ogrenmek ve ikiz k zkarde lerine g z kulak olmasi icin cocukluk arkadasi Charlotte den yardim g r r.
Charlotte nin cocuklugun dan beri as k oldugu Rafael ile tekrar karsilasmak onu mutlu etsede Charlotte ye g re k pr n n alt ndan cok sular gecmistir.
Ama onun dostlugunu arkadasl gini zlemistir Rafael in ele avuca s gmayan ikiz k z kardeslerine o ve annesi yokken g zkulak olmus malikane I don t think I ve read a Kasey Michaels book before and I really really liked this one There was a little bit f violence towards women which I really hate reading about seeing on tv, movies, etc I got caught up into this story quickly and I loved the strength, friendship and diaglog between Rafe and Charlie Fitz was also a great character and played a key role in a tear wrenching part of this book The next book is Nichole s story and I hope there will be a third about Lydia.
one of the best Regency Romances I ve read in a long time The end has a twist I definitely never saw coming The next book is about one of the Duke s sisters, and I didn t want to read ituntil she grew up a bit at the end But Rafe and Charlotte were a great pairing, and a cute romance Rafe comes back from war to a new dukedom that shouldn t have been his He says rather grimly at one point, And I only had to step over 3 bodies to get it But Charlotte helps him gain his footing and deal with his 17 yr old younger twin sisters Nicole and Lydia They fall in love, but charlotte has a big secret that prevents them from getting close And it s a biggie I liked this book alot than I thought I would It was a pleasant surprise.
How to Tempt a Duke By Refusing To Be Tempted At AllHe D Returned From War A Duke Now Rafael Daughtry Was Battling A Force Terrifying Than Napoleon S Army His Family Thankfully, His Childhood Friend Charlotte Seavers Had Agreed Reluctantly To A Bargain While Rafe Would Provide Her With The Home She D Lost, Charlotte Would Provide Him With A Chaperone For His Unruly Twin SistersBut Who Would Chaperone Rafe For The Feisty Young Girl He Remembered Had Blossomed Into A Sensual Woman A Woman Whose Haunting Beauty And Deeply Kept Secrets Drew Him Like No Other Charlotte Had Good Reason To Mistrust Men Yet Could Rafe S Sizzling Seduction Convince Her To Give In To Temptation D k beklentiler i inde okumaya ba lad m ama okuduk a beni saran okumaktan zevk ald m bir kitap oldu.
Historical olarak hafif kal yor ama i inde bir ok duyguyu bar nd r yor sevdim ben zellikle Tanner ve Lydia y merakla bekliyorum imdiden I loved this book It had the humorous moments to the ones that caused me to tear up I m looking forward to reading the other books in Kasey Micheal s Daughtry Family series.
Fun to read the first book of this series I was remembering my mum and how she loved these books

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