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[ Pdf My BFF × musicians PDF ] by Ruth Phillips Oakland × I love Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice and have read it many, many times My BFF is one of the best remakes that I have read of Pride and Prejudice A modern take on a classic novel It was very well written and found that I had a hard time putting the book down I enjoyed the author s take on the character s personality and will make you look at them in a new light If I had to say one bad thing about the novel would be that I don t normally like the love at first sight kinda of books, and yet the spin of them becoming friends made it enjoyable.
5 11 18 I read this for the third time as I had received an autographed paperback copy as part of The Darcy Monologues blog tour raffle prize I loved it just as much this last time Again also enjoying all the names from other JA novels as well as John and Maggie Thornton, from NS This book is MA rated.
This book was listed by Meredith on her Austenesque Reviews blog as one of her top ten favorite modern take offs of PP Plus as it is available from KU I had a desire to read itIt was one of two on the list that I had not read.
The book description tells us that Darcy and Elizabeth are both very controlling people They each have something in their background which has made this necessary Darcy disdains the word love as he had been betrayed with that and now any date has been arranged through The Service While Elizabeth s mother, the ultima When Control Freaks Collide Brilliant, Handsome And Born Into A World Of Class And Wealth, Fitzwilliam Darcy Learned Early That Giving Your Heart Came With A Price Even He Could Not Afford To Pay Musical Prodigy Elizabeth Bennet Used The Ghosts Of Her Past To Scare Away All Chances For Love In Her Future Sparks Fly When They Meet But Will Darcy And Elizabeth Crash And Burn, Or Can They Overcome Their Fears Through An Unusual Relationship And Find A Way To Happily Ever After Inspired By The Characters Of Jane Austen S Pride Prejudice, My BFF Is A Romantic Comedy Filled With Intrigue, Surprises And Erotic Interludes In this updated version of Pride and Prejudice Fitzwilliam Darcy is the billionaire CEO of The Darcy Company, who many years ago made the mistake of giving his heart to the wrong person Now seven years later, his mistake still haunts him and he lives his life unattached, taking part in meaningless sex with models only to satisfy his baser needs , and vowing to never love again His younger sister, Georgiana, is soon to be attending the prestigious Longbourn School for the Arts in New York City Darcy and his cousin, Geoffrey Fitzwilliam, travel to the university, not only to help Georgiana settle in there, but to meet with a Professor Bennet and discuss the possibility of collaborating on a project that will expand music education opportunities for underprivileged children When he meets Professor Elizabeth Bennet, Darcy finds he is immediately attracted to her, but unfortunate I don t read much Austen fan fiction or any fan fiction , but I ve picked this one because I needed chewing gum for the brain and I was curious how it would read in comparison to Eligible i.
e the hottest Austen fan fiction of the season Well, it is chewing gum for the brain, sappy at times, frequently over the top why there is a Colombian drug lord in this story whyyy and how many PhDs does Elisabeth Bennet need and a bit ridiculous, and within first 20 pages I ve accused the author of not getting these characters, but in the end I ve enjoyed it far than Eligible While it s firmly in romance genre and not as ambitious as Eligible, it s fun to read and you end up liking the characters really fast, and the author actually makes Lizzy and Da I liked this book a lot I will read it again The thing that bothers me about modern takes on P P is that Elizabeth is usually a genius, child prodigy, has a PhD, etc I think we lose the simple country lass that captured Mr Darcy s heart with her impertinence with the modern portrayals I still liked this book but someone please take pity on me and write a modern variation with a less gifted and just special because she is not kissing up to Darcy Elizabeth.
First and foremeost, My BFF is a romantic comedy Although many of the characters are Jane Austen inspired never before have you seen them like this Yes, Darcy is handsome, rich and intelligient And Elizabeth Bennet is beautiful, talented and witty But the story author Ruth Phillips Oakland tells is far from typical This modern day tale is filled with mystery, laughs and even a few delicious love scenes.
Following the typical Pride Prejudice formula, Darcy and Elizabeth s first meeting is far from stellar, where of course, Darcy has unwittingly insulted Elizabeth Thankfully, these two mature adults are able to work through any misunderstandings within the first 100 pages and resolve to become the best of friends Unfortunately ghosts of their past resurface, sending the story on a page turning, wild adventur I loved this modern tale Here we have our heroines who are admittedly attracted to each other yet are trying not to act on their feelings Then, we get to experience them being friends I loved this part of the story It was wonderful watching them open up to each other I don t want to say too much and give anything away but their friendship was beautiful Mixed into the story of Darcy and Lizzy is a tale of a horrendous mother who takes momager to a whole other horrid level Also, we have several evil Wickhams as well as others that I don t want to mention for giving away any plot I will admit that some of the plot seems a bit out of story but, common, Darcy is a Billionaire so surely some mischief will occur I enjoyed the ending and glimpse into their beautiful life I also thought the part about them negotiating their marriage was well done and honest Please read this book if yo

Status read from January 13 to 16, 2017Rating 3.
5 Stars Review My Library Notes My BFFby Ruth Phillips OaklandKindle Edition, 2nd Edition, 400 pagesPublished July 6th 2009 by RPOakland Self Publishing first published June 23rd 2009 ASIN B0046ZRIMSWhen Control Freaks Collide Brilliant, handsome and born into a world of class and wealth, Fitzwilliam Darcy learned early that giving your heart came with a price even he could not afford to pay Musical prodigy Elizabeth Bennet used the ghosts of her past to scare away all chances for love in her future Sparks fly when they meet but will Darcy and Elizabeth crash and burn, or can they overcome their fears through an unusual relationship and find a way to happily ever after Inspired by the characters of Jane Austen s Pride Prejudice, My BFF is a romantic comedy I won a paperback copy of this book in the raffle at the end of The Darcy Monologues blog tour I copied and pasted the review I posted after reading it on my Kindle It was, again, a delight to read I especially loved reading of all the characters from Jane Austen s stories as well as John Thornton and his wife, Maggie There are so many Harriet Smith, John Martin, Dr Knightley, Bertrams, Edward Farrar, Christopher Brandon, Fred Wentworth, his wife, Anne, etc.
The book description tells us that Darcy and Elizabeth are both very controlling people They each have something in their background which has made this necessary Darcy disdains the word love as he had been betrayed with that and now any date has been arranged through The Service While Elizabeth s mother, the ultimate manipulative stage mother and one who has suffered brain damage in an accident,

Ruth Phillips Oakland was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania where she dreamed of far off places and romantic heros however, it wasn t until her discovery of the wit and wisdom of Jane Austen that she was inspired to write Ruth firmly believes that every woman has a romance novel within her, she was simply fortunate enough to put hers to keyboard and have it published Inspired by the works