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✓ Read ✓ The Best Revenge by Justine Davis ó preorderDavis can absolutely rip you to shreds This felt a little on the thin side though Mind you, medium Davis is still very good I m ready for her to do something other than Redstone, although obviously there are one or two major stories that need to be told yet.
The problem with having super rich, uber powerful characters in the background means that the deus ex machina is always there.
Serioiusly damaged tortured hero possibly very triggery re child abuse The good guys win, the bad guy shows his colors and foams at the mouth at the end It s a pretty good trip along the way, but a surprisingly slim read for something so heavy.
This is my first book by Justine Davis and I absolutely LOVED IT Infact its my fav Silhouette Romance of all times I would love to read the other Redstone ones but I dont want to be disappointed as I dont think any will match this So I will wait for the final book REDSTONE EVER AFTER I do hope that in that, St John and Jessa are pregnant after a reversal of course and he feels secure enough to speak in complete sentences.
With a new name and a new face a man returns to his hometown, a place of his childhood nightmares, and to the woman who was his only solace in those dark days When I first read this story in January 2010 I had no idea what to expect After I finished it I was than pleasantly surprised I was literally blown away It was and still is by far the best Silhouette Romantic Suspense book I ve read And St John introduced me to the amazing world of Redstone, Incorporated and I ve been hooked ever since I didn t know him then, when I first read his story, but now, having read the entire series from beginning to end, I understand his appeal and the fans clamoring for his book as Ms Davis mentioned in the introduction to the story I can relate, people.
I fell in love with this man on page one and our strange love affair lasted until the very las Those who have already read TBR would probably agree that the antagonist Albert Alden had one of the creepiest lines ever written in a Harlequin romance I m referring to that gross remark he spat out at the end of Chapter 23 It still gives me shivers If, what had happened previously in St John s life wasn t horrible enough, that biting comment surely would have sent a weaker man over the edge I just shake my head wondering how anyone could live with his memories.
It s a credit to JD s writing that she could make a whole story about St John in the first place since this is the man with the one word questions and answers that pass for normal conversation.
Not many of us would like the one sidedness of that aspect in a relationship and creating Jessa with the strength to deal with SJ s quirks is great Sometimes, though, it felt as if the romance was overshadowed by SJ s revenge I SRS 1597

Kindle Finished in the wee hours this morning Guess I shouldn t feel too terribly surprised to find myself reading, entirely by accident, a book eerily similar to one I had qualms about at least in plot points.
This one, I compare to The Highwayman It s not even in the same sub genre but little blond girl befriends older boy who is being abused circumstances separate them when she s 10 circumstances bring him back within her circle under an assumed name both boys deal with sexual abuse both are afraid they re monsters due to their upbringing both inadvertently say something that makes the h realize who they are up until this point, both heroines assume the boy is long dead hero boltsThe areas where one fails and the other succeeds how long i Really slow and doesn t get interesting til the late middle All of Adam Alden s life he was abused by his father Going to school with multiple injuries and his father starting rumors that he was a disturbed and bad child He only had one reason to live for and her name was Jessa Hill Four years younger, Jessa was the only person Adam could confide in But soon after making her swear not to tell anybody about his home life, he drownds in a flood Never forgetting the boy that was her best friend, Jessa has grown up to dispiss his father and herself for never getting Adam help When his father, Albert Alden, decides to run for mayor, replacing her late father, she decides to run against him Then, in walks this mysterious guy, Really loved this book St John showed up in town and offered to help Jessa win against Adam s father in the election There was something about him, from the beginning, that touched her Pretty soon she realized who he was Meanwhile, he was feeling so many things he had never felt before, and it was making him nervous I liked seeing the way the people at Redstone helped him, especially Josh Redstone himself It was kind of a hard book to read The subject matter was very intense It also took me awhile to get used to the way St John spoke I have the rest of the series on my list of books I want to read.
Something In St John S Intense Blue Eyes Reminded Jessa Hill Of Her Childhood Friend But Adam Alden Was Long DeadThe Handsome Stranger Had Vowed To Help Her Defeat Adam S Father In The Mayoral Race Yet St John S Quest For Revenge Seemed Too Personal For A Casual Acquaintance Could St John And Adam Be The Same Manand Would He Disappear With Jessa S Heart A Second Time Dameron St John Returned Home With A New Identity And A Score To Settle But He Wasn T Prepared For The Emotions That Surfaced When He Reunited With Jessa Could He Let Her In Once Againand Together Would They Slay His Demons Once And For All

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