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Download Epub Format ë 엄마를 부탁해 PDF by ✓ Kyung-Sook Shin This is a very depressing read When the mother went missing, none that closed to her, her family, knows basic information about her Birth date, picture, what the mother likes, her habit And what most important her loneliness inside her heart The children taking her for granted, husband who is too timid to express his love and devotion I don not like the writing Its too much description that I found annoying Well I never think I would say this when I finish reading it I am glad I finish this book 3 stars spoiler towards the end.
I have so many dreams of my own, and I remember things from my childhood, from when I was a girl and a young woman, and I haven t forgotten a thing So why did we think of Mom as a mom from the very beginning She didn t have the opportunity to pursue her dreams, and all by herself, faced everything the era dealt her, poverty and sadness, and she couldn t do anything about her very bad lot in life other than suffer through it and get beyond it and live her life to the very best of her ability, giving her body and her heart to it completely Why did I never give a thought to Mom s dreams Kyung Sook Shin, Please Look After Mom.
Kyung Sook Shin s Please Look After Mom, winner of The Man Asian Literary Prize was a deeply affecting, tear An International Sensation And A Bestseller That Has Sold Over Million Copies Author S Korea, Please Look After Mom Is A Stunning, Deeply Moving Story Of A Family S Search For Their Missing Mother And Their Discovery Of The Desires, Heartaches And Secrets They Never Realized She Harbored WithinWhen Sixty Nine Year Old So Nyo Is Separated From Her Husband Among The Crowds Of The Seoul Subway Station, And Vanishes, Their Children Are Consumed With Loud Recriminations, And Are Awash In Sorrow And Guilt As They Argue Over The Missing Flyers They Are Posting Throughout The City How Large Of A Reward To Offer, The Best Way To Phrase The Text They Realize That None Of Them Have A Recent Photograph Of Mom Soon A Larger Question Emerges Do They Really Know The Woman They Called Mom Told By The Alternating Voices Of Mom S Daughter, Son, Her Husband And, In The Shattering Conclusion, By Mom Herself, The Novel Pieces Together, Rashomon Style, A Life That Appears Ordinary But Is Anything But This Is A Mystery Of One Mother That Reveals Itself To Be The Mystery Of All Our Mothers About Her Triumphs And Disappointments And About Who She Is On Her Own Terms, Separate From Who She Is To Her Family If You Have Ever Been A Daughter, A Son, A Husband Or A Mother, Please Look After Mom Is A Revelation One That Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes Wow, that was bizarre and bad What starts out as an interesting family novel turns into an extended hagiography of Mom , a woman so amazingly selfless and nurturing that puppies, ducklings, fields and orphans spring into worshipful life around her only her callous children and faithless husband don t see the value of this woman, who secretly feeds the poor, delivers the baby of a man who stole from her, sleeps in the cold, and donates her old age mite to orphans She is so selfless that despite being plagued literally by a host of illnesses from mysterious stomach trouble to cancer to apparently Alzheimer s she never even agrees to take medicine or go to the hospital She is Super Mom, the epitome of never mind, I ll just sit in the dark , and so annoyingly perfect and cloyingly abject that if she were your Mom, you d be speaking as sharply to her as her children and husband do But neve Those who have traveled in Southeast Asia and Korea in particular will know right away that the number 4 pinyin s is considered unlucky because it sounds like death pinyin s Why, then, did Korean author Kyung sook Shin carefully craft a novel from four different viewpoints The answer is that the members of this family are unlucky, or at the very least, careless Through years as a family, none of them ever really knew Mom or understood the sources of her strength And now she has disappeared in a crowded Seoul subway station, where she and her husband of 50 years were about to board a train Her disappearance devastates those who are left behind The story is told from four alternating points of view Chi hon, the oldest daughter and a successful novelist, Hyung chol, the oldest son who is wracked with guilt for not living up to his potential, her husband who inevitably disappoi Wow.
wait, I need to capitalize this WOWThis story took me through an emotional roller coaster that reminded me of all my personal shortcomings in the relationship department with my own family and my Mom The last time I was this wrecked was when my father passed away of cancer 2 years ago.
The story begins when the 70 year old mother of a family disappears from a Seoul train station The family, 5 grown children and her husband, is desperate to find her and yet, on the other hand, are blaming themselves and each other for not spending time or paying attention to her The book is divided into 4 major sections with 4 narrative voices the oldest daughter, the oldest son, the husband and the mom herself, with a shorter epilogue again narrated by the oldest daughter A second person narration is heavily used in the book.
in all e A beautiful story about the small but heroic sacrifices made by a Korean mother for her family, and the lack of recognition her family gave her until the day she goes missing on the city subway.
The second person narratives while a little disconcerting at times allow each of her children, her husband, and finally the mother herself to share their own experience of her disappearance, and the memories it recalls about their lives before.
The mood is sombre, reflective, and would be heavy if not for the bitter sweet discoveries each one makes of their deeper love for their mother, and their renewed desires to be better people to live up to her generosity and self giving Sadder moments are lifted up by others that are profound, making the overall story a worthwhile read www.
com DNF at 50% Honestly just couldn t get into it

Powerful and unforgettable I actually believe this book has changed me or at least opened my eyes to my own level of participation and shortcomings in my relationships.
This amazing story will rip you to shreds and force you to face difficult questions about your own relationships not just with your mom but with all those people who claim a piece of your life and heart Who are these people who love me so much Why do I take their very existence for granted Do any of these people really know me These are hard questions, and this short book is a warning to you to ask these questions when you still have a chance to answer them You might think you have a strong and open relationship with your mom, dad, sister, spouse, etc.
, but you can always do This story makes you realize that you should take the time to know those you love This is not the sort of book I read, and I d be lying if I said the Korean name on the cover didn t play a part in getting me to crack the spine I tend to give passes to stories I think are lame when they come from Asian countries, it s just where my own cultural preferences lie Even still the story, about a family dealing with the disappearance of their mother in a Seoul subway station, would normally have been a little too old lady book club for me But one detail of the plot, a minor point highlighted on the jacket description, pulled me in as the family gathers to make missing person flyers to distribute, the missing mother s children realize they have no recent photos of her How heartbreaking is that

Kyung Sook Shin is a South Korean writer She is the first South Korean and first woman to win the Man Asian Literary Prize in 2012 for Please Look After Mom.