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[Tamara Bower] ↠´ How the Amazon Queen Fought the Prince of Egypt [mystery-thriller PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ How the Queen Fought the Prince of Egypt tells the story of the Warrior Queen Serpot and Prince Pedikhons, a ruler in a neighboring province who is threatened by the rule of Serpot and her Land of Women Prince Pedikhons challenges Queen Serpot to hand to hand combat, and eventually they both realize they are the others equal and fall in love The author, Tamara Bower, is an expert in Egyptology and hieroglyphics Bower directly translated the story from hieroglyphics primary source into simple English This made the ancient tale accessible and relatable to young children of a different culture two thousand years after this story was told The pictures are vibrant, and the text follows the hieroglyphics illustrated o Would ve loved this book when I was younger Author illustrator is trained as an archaeological illustrator The story is a translation and adaptation of a papyrus from the Greco Roman period The illustrations are inspired by both Egyptian and Assyrian art and iconography I love the notes section in the back that points out and explains all the different symbols and cultural touches.
All that being said, the story itself is very bare bones It s like reading the plot outline of a fairy tale versus a fleshed out fairy tale retelling And the art is a little soulless There s no richness to the pages I would love to see some of these pages mocked up to look like actual papyrus or stone Or some texture from pastel crayons or a little gold leaf.
CAN WOMAN EVER CONQUER MAN Queen Serpot Rules The Land Of Women, Where The Women Live Free, Without Men, And Hunt And Fight Their Own Battles But One Day Their Peace Is Broken An Army Of Egyptian Soldiers Is Approaching Their Land, Led By Their Prince, PedikhonsPedikhons Has Heard Stories Of These Warrior Women Now He Has Come To See Them With His Own Eyes And To Challenge Them To Combat But The Brave Serpot And Her Women Are Full Of Surprises Can Woman Truly Equal Man In Strength And Courage This Story Of Love And War Is Based On An Actual Egyptian Scroll From The Greco Roman Period Hieroglyphic Translations Of Key Phrases, Intricate Paintings In The Egyptian And Assyrian Styles, And Extensive Notes About Both Cultures Enrich This Fascinating, Untold Legend I don t usually write reviews, but this was an excellent find from our local library We could tell that the book was written by an expert in ancient cultures Egyptian hieroglyphs are found throughout, and the illustrations are drawn based upon traditional Egyptian and Assyrian art The notes in the back of this book are great, providing a peek into the past that was informative, but not over the heads of my 4th and 5th graders Also included are interesting notes about the hieroglyphs and explanations of the art pictured throughout the book ie Tells you about the symbolism in the artwork and general art history trends For example, did you know that women in Egyptian art are depicted with yellow toned skin, while the men are shown with dark skin We didn t So happy we stumbled upon this gem weird, but okay This is presented as non fiction, in that it is based on true events, but the story itself lends itself to a fictionalized portrayal of the facts There are some great tools in the back of the book, which would be appropriate for a teacher to discuss with the student, designed to explain the deeper meanings of some of the symbols and the behavior of the characters Intriguing book, but not sure where I would fit it into my own students curriculum.
I am always looking for source books for my research writing, and I stumbled across this gem while looking for something else The author s credentials are impeccable trained at the Metropolitan Museum of Art one of the foremost sponsors of digs in Egypt worked with the Brooklyn Museum s Egyptian division Her bibliography is excellent.
Having gotten that out of the way, let me say that this is a charming story, told with humor in the fashion of an ancient Egyptian text The Prince of Egypt has heard of the fighting women and has come to see what they are like The Queen of the s sends her young sister as a spy and then decides to fight the prince face to face.
They fight, they realize that each is worthy of respect and admiration and they fall in love Delightful The illustrations are wonderful, whether or not you are familiar with ancient Egyptian art The notes

Wonderful book I was browsing my picture book shelves looking for historical fiction for one of our fifth grade classes and I bumped into this, historical fiction from the time of Ptolemy II The excellent back matter explains that this story is an excerpt from a much larger piece found written in hieroglyphs Louise Borden includes those hieroglyphs under the main illustrations The back matter also explains that the story is fictional and includes reference to real historical figures This is the story of an queen, Serpot, who rules the Land of Women An Egyptian prince, Pedikhons, seeks to conquer the land In the end, as they realize they are equally matched in battle, Serpot and Pedikhons fall in love and ally to conquer India Beautiful illustrations are inspired by Ptolemaic hieroglyphs and Assyrian art The back matter includes an explanatio Tamara Bower tells a story based on an Egyptian scroll from Greco Roman period The main character, Queen Serpot rules the land where the woman live free of men suppression They hunt, fight, and ride horses The setting of the story takes place at a palace called Khor near Assyria The rising climax begins when queen Serpot hears about a army of men who are quickly approaching her palace The queen sends her sister, Ashteshyt dressed as a man to go spy on the army They pray to deities Isis and Osaris to protect them from these men The woman prepare for battle The woman and the queen fight off the army of men as Prince Pedikhons of Egypt watches from the top of a hill He decides to challenge the queen to a single match She accepts Queen Serpot and Prince Pedokhons fight for a whole day They fall in love and see each The women lived happily and peacefully by themselves, until an army of Egyptian men came and set up camp close to their fortress The Egyptian prince had heard of the women, and wanted to prove that woman could never conquer man The two armies fought for multiple days until finally, the Egyptian prince and the queen battled it out themselves They were equally matched with their strength and fighting tactics, and eventually came to a truce The two ended up joining forces and conquering the rest of India together This would be a good read aloud for young children to encourage the concept of men and women being equals and both being strong individuals who can fight for their beliefs The pages in this picture bo

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the How the Amazon Queen Fought the Prince of Egypt book, this is one of the most wanted Tamara Bower author readers around the world.