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[ Pdf Atheism: The Case Against God ✓ young-adult-historical-fiction PDF ] by George H. Smith Ä Does A God Exist This Question Has Undoubtedly Been Asked, In One Form Or Another, Since Man Has Had The Ability To Communicate Thousands Of Volumes Have Been Written On The Subject Of A God, And The Vast Majority Have Answered The Questions With A Resounding Yes You Are About To read A Minority Viewpoint With This Intriguing Introduction, George H Smith Sets Out To Demolish What He Considers The Most Widespread And Destructive Of All The Myths Devised By Man The Concept Of A Supreme Being With Painstaking Scholarship And Rigorous Arguments, Mr Smith Examines, Dissects, And Refutes The Myriad Proofs Offered By Theists The Defenses Of Sophisticated, Professional Theologians, As Well As The Average Religious Layman He Explores The Historical And Psychological Havoc Wrought By Religion In General And Concludes That Religious Belief Cannot Have Any Place In The Life Of Modern, Rational Man It Is Not My Purpose To Convert People To Atheism But To Demonstrate That The Belief In God Is Irrational To The Point Of Absurdity If A Person Wishes To Continue Believing In A God, That Is His Prerogative, But He Can No Longer Excuse His Belief In The Name Of Reason And Moral Necessity This is a profitable book for a Christian to read, as it presents an intelligent critique of theism Unfortunately, I felt that the case against the Christian God never got as strong as I hoped, with the preference being to reduce Christian theism to be akin to generic well, uh, I believe in something higher that this variety theism I wouls have liked him to have approached head on the concept that the Bible is God s self revelation, and to have used how the Bible defines God, rather that name a number of characteristics that Christians use, define them himself and debunk those However, this is a challenge to Christians to ensure that they don t fall into the same trap we must make sure that we listen to God s description of himself carefully, rather than half listen then fill in what we half heard with our own fancy.
I believe the reason this book is so underrated and overlooked is because George H Smith isn t a decorated academic and or isn t outspoken enough to be considered one of the important celebrity atheists of our generation Don t let this fool you, because Smith is a skilled logician and an effective writer who presents a razor sharp and pragmatist worldview where the idea of god is useless and contradictory, serving no purpose for anyone who cares about logic and reason I will point out that this is a much different book in contrast to The God Delusion and God is Not Great How Religion Poisons Everything, which are much overblown with examples of religious atrocities, scientific explanations, and personal experiences This book, however, does not attempt to explain evolution through endless examples, or dabble in cosmology Several of the hosts and guests on Point of Inquiry one of my favorite podcasts refer to this as The Book After reading it, I can see why Smith boldly states his aim early on It is not my purpose to convert people to atheismbut to demonstrate that the belief in God is irrational to the point of absurdity If a person wishes to continue believing in a god, that is his prerogative, but he can no longer excuse his belief in the name of reason and moral necessity Using amazingly clear logic, and a breadth of scientific knowledge, I d say Smith accomplishes his goal.
Many mystics will reply so what We ve known that god is beyond reason for some time Smith addresses this view and pretty much every other justification for the existence of god in well written prose Since Smith wrote this, many others have elaborated on Smith s lines of reasoning, and Yes, I am an atheist, and was before I ever opened this book I guess the reason I rate this book so highly is because it s a philosophical approach dealing with the various arguments for a God Too often what I ve seen dubbed The New Atheism comes across as hectoring, shrill, even, dare I say, evangelical, with all the sophistication of a three year old stamping their feet and screaming Religion sucks There are a couple of chapters on the consequences and sins of religion, yes, but at the very end it s not where the emphasis of the book lies Part One, Atheism and God defines atheism and treats the whole concept of God Part Two, Reason, Faith, and Revelation deals with why reason and faith are opposed And finally, in Part Three, The Arguments for God Smith refutes the most common arguments for God, the Cosmological and Design arguments More than 30 years before Dawkins penned his own bestseller, Atheism The Case Against God was first published and went on to become one of the biggest selling atheist books of the twentieth century Quite right too, as this excellent critique of theism is a magnificent testament to the power of logic It s somewhat surprising to learn that author George H Smith was still in his early 20s when he wrote it Concentrating on the philosophical arguments against God s existence, the deep intellectual passion on display here is wonderful Meticulously cutting through all the theological double talk with his fine scalpel of a mind, Smith exposes the glaring contradictions and absurdities of theism, and in so doing, makes the single most convincing case for atheism I ve yet read From the outset, Smith explains that if a perso George H Smith s Atheism The Case Against God purports to be a book showing the irrationality of Theism Full of critical arguments some of which are valid , it seems to be a very scholarly text to be taken seriously There is one major flaw however, for anyone who has even the most basic philosophical training Smith claims that Atheism is not the absence of belief in God plus certain positive beliefs atheism is the absence of belief in God If we can show theism to be unsupported, false or nonsensical, then we have simultaneously established the validity of atheism pg 18 For Smith, a positive belief claim is an assertion which one claims to be true pg 15 He also claims that the most prominent form of atheism Critical Atheism contends that the belief in god is irrational and should therefore be rejected pg 17 So, in order for Smith to even make the claim that Atheism Five stars because it s probably the best book presenting a rational case against God I ve read I m a theist btw and just for clarity, that space is supposed to be there It s still relevant even though it was written in the 70s I think it was published in 1979 It s serious and philosophically tight, not the militant, philosophically ignorant silliness being published by Dawkins, Harris, et al.
This book is a mindfuck and a half.
Having gotten that out of the way, let me explain why You know how LEGO toys have these convenient age ranges suggestions on their boxes This book should most definitely have an IQ sticker on it saying 120 or above You see, I used to consider myself a bright guy I did Not an intellectual by any stretch of the imagination, but, let s say, nine times out of ten I could tell clay and toffee apart But this book was meant for a far educated or, to put it in simple terms, SMARTER reader than me When I picked it up, I was under the wrong impression that this will be something like the Zeitgeist movie only without the bullshit I though it would be this entertaining little book debunking the Bible and Christianity, concentrating on the flawed facts or lack thereof in The Book You know, the I ve read Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris, and now I just wish I started with this one.
This is hands down the most important, complete, and succinct book on the fradulence of theism ever written.
It is generally written in laymen s language, impeccably written, and beautifully organized The only drawback is that it doesn t comment on Islam or Judaism, but considering when and where the book was written, that s forgivable.
Read this book FIRST I wish I had.

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