ePUB 11 PDFEPUB #242; #237; ms stylepro

ميعفدقيقة واحدة كفيلة بتحقيقكل الأمانيأما أن?.

ePUB 11 PDFEPUB #242; #237; ms stylepro

[Read] ➲ 11 By يوسف جاسم رمضان – Ms-style.pro كل ما تقارب الساعة 1110أجدها تعد أمانيها قبل الجميعفدقيقة واحدة كفيلة بتحقيقكل الأمانيأما أنت أحب كل تفاصيلكأحكل ما تقارب الساعة 1110أجدها تعد أمانيها قبل الج.

ePUB 11 PDFEPUB #242; #237; ms stylepro

ePUB 11 PDFEPUB #242; #237; ms stylepro

11 MOBIميعفدقيقة واحدة كفيلة بتحقيقكل الأمانيأما أن?.

10 thoughts on “11

  1. Saba Ak Saba Ak says:

    ePUB 11 PDFEPUB #242; #237; ms stylepro 11 MOBIThis book is honestly one of the worst books i've ever read I bought it thinking it would be something special because its basically double the price of any normal book but i have to say that i'm very disappointed by how it turned out Its so cliche and unrealistic It has loads of spelling and grammar mistakes The plot is stupid and unrelated to the whole story not to mention the fact that it only appeared in the last 20 pages of the book And the writer keeps shifting from one topic to another with out a valid reason And i dont understand why its necessary to mention all the brand names and why the writer felt that its so important to write in both english and in arabic in the same book I must say the book was simply a waste of time money and effort I regret buying it and even attempting to read it It

  2. Faisal AlAbdulhadi Faisal AlAbdulhadi says:

    ePUB 11 PDFEPUB #242; #237; ms stylepro 11 MOBIBasic grammar lesson when the letter i is used in a selected word like vocative it stays in lower case form However when used to start a sentence or as a first person singular nominative pronoun it is always capitalized For example I read this horrible book the letter i is capitalized because it points to a vocative use of a word pronounSimple EnglishOh andالكلام الفاضي ما يب ولا يودي

  3. Jomana Namavar Jomana Namavar says:

    ePUB 11 PDFEPUB #242; #237; ms stylepro 11 MOBII never regret buying a book however with this so called book I regret ever thinking of buying it I wish there was 05 stars option on here I'm sorry but if you aren't capable of capitalising I and can't make up an interesting plot then leave literature With respect Yousef the writer is a good marketer not a good writer

  4. Dana AlBasha دانة الباشا Dana AlBasha دانة الباشا says:

    ePUB 11 PDFEPUB #242; #237; ms stylepro 11 MOBII finished this book in a few hours it's prosaic The book is too full of emotions that it kind of gets annoying adding that the author obviously writes about his own personal life you can think of this book as a journal not a fiction workI hated a few points about the writing and the story being told First the author obviously LOVES The Fault in Our Stars Secondly the ending came not surprisingly but without calibration Thirdly the author states many times that heand his work are disliked in his country my advice would be for you to love your country it will show in your work which you don't ألي بحب بلده بلده بتحبه he is too Americanized which comes my fourth point the English section is flawed not bad but not good either In another point he keeps saying he's unlucky and not rich but he travels in first class often and wears designer clothes and eats in the best restaurants and stays in 5 stars hotels adding that h

  5. Sara Aljishi Sara Aljishi says:

    ePUB 11 PDFEPUB #242; #237; ms stylepro 11 MOBII can summarize the book in four sentences I will not write it so it will not spoil the book for whoever wants to read it There is no depth its a waste of time and paper This shouldn't be a novel because basically its all حشو to words and ideas that has no connection with addition to some brand names tourist sites and landmarks that supposedly all khaleejies should know very superficial Good effort though half a star for the effort

  6. Halima Al wazzan Halima Al wazzan says:

    ePUB 11 PDFEPUB #242; #237; ms stylepro 11 MOBII had it long time ago and read half of it or I don't remember and because it's bad I left it Thought maybe I can g

  7. Ghadhali Ghadhali says:

    ePUB 11 PDFEPUB #242; #237; ms stylepro 11 MOBIHalf star

  8. Raneen Qasim Raneen Qasim says:

    ePUB 11 PDFEPUB #242; #237; ms stylepro 11 MOBIWell i think its a great bookHe's talking about his life time storyA book dosent need to be 100% perfectIts actually nice to have a book that's normalAnd its rude making bad reviews U have to respect the writer and let him keep upHaa Imahiu urself doing a project for the first time in your life and find reviews that it was bad and one star RUDE For me it was nice and it had wonderful qoutes i uploaded them on snapchatI think ur great and ur book was great Keep it up ❤️❤️

  9. Tala Yehia Tala Yehia says:

    ePUB 11 PDFEPUB #242; #237; ms stylepro 11 MOBII thought that the character in the novel was annoyingly arrogantI didn’t get the point of the double languages type of situation Let alone all the grammar and spelling mistakesAnd the designer brands show off was very unnecessary Also there was a lot of taboos in the story And I also think it was very very cliche Overall I did not enjoy the novel at all I had high expectations with all the hype and fuss the book had when I bought it

  10. FatmaSoli FatmaSoli says:

    ePUB 11 PDFEPUB #242; #237; ms stylepro 11 MOBIThe title of the book and its cover had caught my attention at first I thought it would be a typical love story but after reveling the hidden story in the last pages It got me I found it surprising and unexpected I liked that the writer mentioned many amazing quotes and great authors My only complaint was grammar but otherwise I find it a good book in general

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