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[Alyson Reuben] ✓ A Beautiful Cage [algeria PDF] Ebook Epub Download ä What a lovely story Alyson Reuben has captured the essence of World War 2 horrors, and fed them appropriately into a tale of enduring love Harboring a Jew in Germany during World War 2 didn t have many happy endings, but Alyson has managed to do this so well in A Beautiful Cage I really enjoyed the development of the love between Rebecca and Gustav I also liked how Alyson dealt with the themes of familial love, courage, and trust in a war time environment where trust was so in doubt A very enjoyable read.
Title A Beautiful CageAuthor Alyson ReubenPublisher The Wild Rose PressPublication Date 2011ISBN 1 60154 958 XGenre RomanceLength 96000 wordsRating 5 starsHeat 4 The young couple has sex many times and it is described in detail.
Other There is the use of vulgar language and some violence.
Reviewer KatherineDate9 30 2011There is something mysterious and sexy about WWII for me so when I saw this book I knew I had to read it The book highlights the fact that there was a resistance movement in Germany during the War and it touches on a relationship that crosses religious and social boundaries The story starts with a flashback of a beautiful young, Jewish, bankers daughter named Rebecca running directly into the definition of an Aryan male named Gustav She is embarrassed and wants nothing to do with the large man, whereas he would like nothing than to lose himself in her if he beauty R Wanted By The Gestapo, Rebecca Bloomberg Is On The Run For Her Life Sheltering In The Home Of A Reporter Who Writes Absurd Lies For A Nazi Propaganda Newspaper Is Hardly An Ideal Solution Irresistibly Drawn To The Man, She Dares Not Trust Him, Until She Discovers His Journalist Position Is A Mask For Involvement In An Anti Nazi Resistance RingGustav Von Furst Has Done All He Can To Perfect His Mask Neither His Family Nor His Close Friends Know The Truth Hiding A Jewish Girl Is The Most Foolish Risk, Yet There Is Something About Her That Makes Him Want To Protect HerEager To Forget The Outside World, Rebecca And Gustav Are Caught Up In A Private World Of Forbidden Passion Until Unexpected Danger Lands On Their Doorstep And They Re Faced With A Decision That Will Change Everything Will Love Demand A Sacrifice Too Great To Give originally posted at poignant love story, set in one of the most troubled times of modern of history, is not only about unswerving love, but also about the psychological subjugation of a people to the point that they are willing to commit genocide The atrocities of mob mentality sparked by Hitler create a setting for this historical romance.
Rebecca Bloomberg, the pretty, intelligent, outgoing daughter of a Jewish banker, lives a life of privilege until Nazism creeps in taking away her family, friends, money, home and everything until she is alone, vulnerable and despised as one of what Hitler labeled an inferior race of people She is fair game to be raped and defiled if caught out on the streets To keep from starving, she ventures into the street, is attacked, but wakes up in a nice, comfortable German home She is conflicted but grateful to be ali Nazi Germany in Berlin in 1934 is the setting used in The Beautiful Cage and tends to explain, somewhat, the premise of the plot as does the title However, the skill woven throughout each page captured my full attention, allowing me to live in the heart wrenching moments this poor Jewish girl experienced, fearing for her life From the author s first description of her hero and heroine to the very end of the story, she kept me enthralled with the love growing and encircling Rebecca and Gustav Ms Reuben s incredible talent is highlighted in wonderful sentences such as Life was an accordion that made sickening sour notes as it hit the ground bursting into pieces.
The German phrases interspersed throughout the book added an authenticity and the secondary characters were well done Personally having travelled to Amsterdam w Alyson Reuben s A Beautiful Cage is a great read for anyone interested in a wonderful story set against the back drop of World War II The story is full of suspense and kept me turning the pages wanting to know what was going to happen next Rebecca Bloomberg, whose loved ones have been taken from her and sent to a concentration camp, is a gutsy young woman the reader can immediately sympathize with She s thrust into a way of life that forces her to trust the one man she shouldn t Gustav Von Furst, a man she believes supports the Nazi cause Though she tries to keep her distance, circumstances forces them into close proximity, leading her to see the man behind the fa ade.
Gustav Von Furst is a man determined to do what s right even if it could cost him everything he holds dear including his own life He works undercover as a Nazi journalist while helping the English governm I was hoping for a lot out of this book when I bought it I had just read All the Light We Cannot See and The Nightingale Those were excellent books set during WWII, and I was interested in reading another book set during WWII I also was looking for a book that had a central love story Unfortunately, what I got in A Beautiful Cage was a book that was not very well written and whose love scenes read like a romance novel I was not looking for the latter, and, even if you are, there are better choices out there The dialogue is stale and unrealistic, and the descriptions do not engage because the language is rather trite I did make it through the whole book as it was a very easy read, but it didn t offer the depth and I usually like to avoid works by authors who feel the need to skew the ratings by smugly, cringe worthily rating their own work 5 stars TWICE , but it s a rec from my bestie so here I go.

Alyson Reuben s A Beautiful Cage is a historical romance filled with unique characters and bitter sweet moments Reuben does a wonderful job creating the world around her two main characters Gustav and Rebecca At times the book was a little confusing because it would jump from past to present and vice versa and the voice of the author was not always clearly present but, overall the characters from A Beautiful Cage were entertaining and memorable I especially loved Gustav s grandmother and the touch of German words included within the chapters made the story all the real A Beautiful Cage is a touching and beautiful reminder of extraordinary love in extraordinary circumstances If you enjoy reading historical romances than I highly recommend A Beautiful Cage It was a fantastic story that was beautiful and heart breaking It s a 4.
5 but I rounded up I just wish there was character development and a longer story A lot of it was spent describing the characters past when I really wanted to know of what was going on at that moment Who am I kidding It was just wonderful and I wholly recommend it if you re looking for a great HR.

Determined to become an author while still in elementary school, Alyson Reuben frequently found herself in trouble for writing stories while she should ve been studying for math tests Some years later, by combining a love of history with her enthusiasm for storytelling, she seeks to entertain readers with passionate accounts of vintage romance Occasionally, she still find herself in trouble for