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[ Pdf Gideon Planish Í prostitution PDF ] by Sinclair Lewis ☆ Gideon Planish as a young man has a vision and a drive to succeed in life but is never able to fully achieve his goal The book is basically a satire of fraudulent charities which Gideon becomes involved with and with the urging of his wife Peony he goes from one venture to another I ve just about read all of Sinclair Lewis novels now and so I m down to reading his lesser known books and this is my least favorite so far.
Nifty satire about the business of charity One can t help feeling that not much has changed since Sinclair Lewis s novel was written Gideon Planish is an ambitious yet genial everyman always looking for the next opportunity to enrich himself or further his political ambitions He s not entirely successful although he succeeds to some extent Numerous fallible characters in the same business cross his path and the novel wrings some wry laughs from these personages Suffers a little from too even a tone No great dramatic interludes accompany Gideon s journey and he traverses the pitfalls with aplomb leaving this novel a little flat in the reading.
I have been a Sinclair Lewis fan since high school after reading Babbitt, which was written at the beginning of Lewis career This book was written toward the end of his career, and seems to be a rehashing of the very familiar themes of his earlier works Elmer Gantry even makes an appearance I was disappointed, but my interest in Lewis hasn t suffered much He was a brilliant satirist, and his work is key to understanding the society and culture in America in the 20s and 30s however, Gideon Planish is much farce than anything else.
I bought this book thinking it would be the sequel to Elmer Gantry Why Because my paperback copy, from 1962, stated on the back cover This book might well be called THE RETURN OF ELMER GANTRY Bit Gantry is a far intriguing character than Planish, and his entire presence in this book amounts to about one page I guess in 1962, false advertising was acceptable.
That said, this is not a bad book, but it didn t grip me like some of Lewis s compelling works For one, there are too many characters, which dilutes the book And, the tone is too single handed, without the complexity of Main Street or even Kingsblood Royal The story, however, is completely relevant in today s political climate of special interest and self promotion on a political level And Winifred Homewood is one of the great underrated female supporting characters of the last century.
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I love Sinclair Lewis He is probably my favorite author This was a good book, but not as good as, say Babbitt or Arrowsmith or Dodsworth.
It is certainly not his best, but it is a fairly light hearted, humorous, and her serious look at politicking and the philanthropy industry of the 20s to 40s Sinclair Lewis often has a simple formula for many of his novels, but he really captures the worlds he explores This is my 7th of his books and I can say that this book, along with the rest, are quite worth it.
It was pretty good A little slow, and not as much happening as in pulpier books, But interesting social commentary nevertheless I liked how Planish worked for right wing think tank like groups that tried to convince the average working fellow that promoting the interests of the rich was in their best interest And this was happening in the 1930s Some things don t change very much It is terribly disappointing to me to only give this book two stars It s the only book of lewis that has disappointed meso far, of the dozen I ve read It held promise at first but it was frustrated by an unesscesarily largenovast number of characterswho really added little to nothing to the story was his editor afraid Lazy or was Lewis in too deep on a story line subject that he seemed to give up in at some point and decided to amuse us with his cleverness I dont know, but it saddens me I m a terrific fan of Lewis work and I m working my way through all of his books, several for the second time, most for the first, and I shall ignore this bump in the road You probably should, too.
Harry Sinclair Lewis Was An American Novelist, Short Story Writer, And Playwright In , He Became The First Writer From The United States To Receive The Nobel Prize In Literature, Which Was Awarded For His Vigorous And Graphic Art Of Description And His Ability To Create, With Wit And Humor, New Types Of Characters His Works Are Known For Their Insightful And Critical Views Of American Capitalism And Materialism Between The Wars He Is Also Respected For His Strong Characterizations Of Modern Working Women

Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1930 for his vigorous and graphic art of description and his ability to create, with wit and humor, new types of characters His works are known for their insightful and critical views of American capitalism and materialism between the wars He is also respected for his strong characterizations of modern working women H.L Mencken wrote of him, If the