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↠´ Her Enemy at the Altar ✓ Download by × Virginia Heath An Unexpected End To The Wincanton Stuart Feud Scandal Broke Last Night When Lady Constance Stuart Was Discovered In The Arms Of Aaron Wincanton, The Son Of Her Family S Greatest Enemy But Now We Can Reveal An Even Shocking Development Our Sources Say A Special License Was Obtained And The Two Were Married Before Sunrise It S Been Confirmed That Aaron Has Stolen His New Bride Away To The Country To Begin Their Unexpected Marriage We Ll Be Watching Closely To See Exactly What Happens When A Gentleman Invites His Enemy Into His Bed This is my second book from this author and I like her writing style The narrative flows smoothly and the characters are well developed.
In this book, tall, red haired Connie ends up married to the son of her father s archenemy Aaron.
They enter the marriage in less than amicable terms, she ruined and he about to get financially ruined.
The romance grows slowly, they get to know each other and to see what lays within I love how she cared for his father and was concerned for him and also that he is honorable and sweet.
Some misunderstandings just took too long to be clarified, but overall a nice and sweet read.
I will surely be reading from Mrs Heath.
This book had the unlucky coincidence of being read right after a lackluster book that pretty much had the same storyline.
Tall heroine who hides her hurt behind a tough abrasive exterior This book s heroine was better constructed but the whole I can never believe I have any minuscule attractiveness to me carried on far too long It ended up giving her a bit of immaturity.
Poor gorgeous hero who needs to marry for money to save estate Same character outline as the other books I read but story placement here was a bit different with hero and heroine s families having a centuries old feud The feud wasn t really explained but how it effected their present families was detailed They are caught in a compromising position and hero marries heroine even though her father doesn t give him her dowry, thus bankrupting the hero.
This book had of a story construct but how long it takes th

I ve given this a B at AAR.
This is the second book from new to me author Virginia Heath, whose d but for Mills and Boon That Despicable Rogue was published in May this year, and which I somehow missed but definitely intend to go back to Her Enemy at the Altar is a simple but well written enemies to lovers story inspired, she says in her author s note, by the time her daughter came home from school upset because her handprints footprints were bigger than those of all her classmates.
Lady Constance Stuart, daughter of the Earl of Redbridge, is too tall, her hair is too red, her figure is too straight, her tongue is too sharp and her mind too apt to form opinions of its own Cruelly nicknamed the ginger ian in her first season, I really enjoyed this enemies to lovers story by new to me author, Virginia Heath It combines an engaging and well written story, interesting characters and an emotionally satisfying romance.
The Stuarts and Wincantons have been mortal enemies for the past three hundred years and Lady Constance Connie Stuart has every reason to loathe Aaron Wincanton with a vengeance After he scathingly nicknamed her Ginger ian during her come out six years ago, Connie endured hurtful and humiliating jokes about her unruly red hair, tall, unimpressive figure and long legs In her second year, she decided that, if she is going to be compared to a mythical warrior, she will act like one A haughty air and a razor sharp tongue become her chosen weapons of defence even her dresses are a statement of defiance They were no longer merely gowns now each dress was a statement of defian

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