Î Born to Be Bound (Alphas Claim, #1) Ë Download by Û Addison Cain

Î Born to Be Bound (Alphas Claim, #1) Ë Download by Û Addison Cain Surrender Is Not SurvivalClaire Is Desperate Her Once Thriving City Lies In Ruins The Strongest Of The Three Human Dynamics, Alphas, Have Grown Feral Common Betas Circle Like Vultures The Lowest In The Hierarchy, Rare And Weak Omegas Like Claire, Are Being Destroyed Sheltering Amidst A Dwindling Enclave Of Frightened Omega Women, Claire Cannot Provide Enough To Feed Them All Her Friends Are StarvingAll Due To One Escaped Convict S Violent Rise To PowerShepherd Is Every Bit As Ruthless As His Reputation Suggests Despite Taking Every Possible Precaution, Claire Is Captured And Her Worst Nightmare Realized Shepherd, Discovering A Rare Omega In His Midst, Claims Her Like A Prize, Forcing A Pair Bond That Ties Her To Him ForeverShe Fights Her Instincts And His Will, Because No Matter How Manipulative The Bond Might Be, She Despises What He S Done To Her People If She Cannot Find A Way To Help Her Friends, If She Cannot Escape, Everyone She Loves Will DiePublisher S Note The First Book In Addison Cain S Exciting, Raw, And Suspense Filled Omegaverse Series Is A Dark Tale With Explicit Sexual Themes And Complete Power Exchange Though Situations May Be Interpreted As Romantic, This Is A Story About The Effect Of Extreme Circumstances On The Human Psyche And The Consequences Of Obsession Not A Standard Romance If Such Material Offends You, Please Do Not Purchase Librarian Note This Book Is Part Of A Series And Ends In A Cliffhanger I don t think this book is for everyone If you are expecting some fluffy fake non con romance where the male lead is really just a sensitive misunderstood alpha male, and the characters fall in love with some naughty bits in itwell move along This is the real dealits raw, dark, gritty, sinful and not for the faint at heart Also, yes, it is kinda short, but it is a debut novel that ends on a sudden literal and figurative clift hanger But don t get your knickers in a twistIf you follow the author online, it is a finished trilogy and the second part is soon to be released it is not like you ll have to wait a year or before getting of your fix Ms Cain, I love the complex and dark post apocalyptic society that you have created Your characters are interesting, strong and have depth that we as readers only get a glimpse of who they really are in this first instal WTF book This book doesn t deserve any star as there is a HUGE cliffhunger and absolutly no indication nor warning about it I hate HATE that I always feel like it is a cheap way for writters to force us into reading all their books view spoiler Also, she is supposed to be his mate but he cheat on her and makes sure she listen to them fucking After he let the other women hurt her and finger rape her WTF hide spoiler Review to come.
Well I m certainly glad I waited until all three books were out before I read this.
I ve been wanting to read this for awhile but it turned out it wasn t anything like I expected.
I love a good dystopian and I loved this but I have to say it was a different kind of read Generally there s a whole load of world building but here we discovered this world as the story progressed This means there s a settling in period and even when the book ends there s so much we don t know or understand.
I loved both Shepherd and Claire especially Shepherd and all through the book I was wanting Claire to realise that Shepherd truly cared for her To settle in and accept the love that would grow between them and thenOMG NO I mean seriously why And what the hell is wrong Wasn t sure what I was going to think when I started to read this book but boy in a word AMAZING I love the whole idea of omega s, beta s and Alpha s the whole concept of Heat cycle s nesting and pair mates was so very unique A very quick explanation of Born to be Bound is Claire goes to try and secure help for her fellow omega s after the undercroft prison system for the domed city has been overtaken toppling the city s government.
The omegas are starving and being hunted Instead, Claire is taken hostage by the current Alpha Shepherd.
There s drama, an escape and some very shocking actions on shepherds part that literally stunned me stupid The mate bond between these two is damaged to such an extent that I totally get Claire s re This was one of the most insane books I have ever read and that is saying a lot It was a combination of an old timey captor captive bodice ripper, a futuristic Mad Max style dystopia and a modern, very dark erotica, all drowning in a heavy dose of Stockholm Syndrome I am definitely giving kudos to the author for a very creative and unique world building It was like nothing I have ever read before The dome, the classes of people, the concept of estrous shudder , the state of utter anarchy and chaos, and of course the creation of one of the most daunting anti heroes I have ever come across, made this an un put downable read.
I was disappointed in the cliffy ending, and even disappointed to realize I have embarked on an unfinished trilogy Having been burned than once by unfinished series that left me hanging for yea 4 Conflicting StarsDAMMIT WHY This had such a good start with so much potential I was loving it and then the ending had to happen and everything went to shit Let me rewind here Claire is an Omega who is off to try to save her fellow Omegas who are starving because of the recent events occurring in their society She goes to the Alpha leader Shepherd to seek help.
but then she goes into heat and he claims her Some stuff goes down she tries to escape, he wont let her etc etcI really like Shepherd s character in the beginning He was so possessive and constantly doting on Claire He cared for her in his own cruel way and although it was unorthodox it was clear he couldn t be without her If I ever smell another man s scent saturating you again, I will hunt down the male and rip off his limbs while you watch then I will fuck you in a I love dark stories with anti hero s and this was right up my level And then just towards the end he cheats on his mate heroine with a woman he was already in a relationship which neither the heroine or us the reader knew about Up until that point I was very invested in the story and then WHAM I was left upset and disgusted I am upset because the storyline drew me in and I was engrossed so def kudos to the author for that I hate cheating and the way that scene was done in this book was heart wrenching and in my opinion not needed Man I feel so let down To my safety gang gals view spoiler May 2016I wanna say that I would have totally read this based on the blurb but then I found out the below and that it ends on a cliffhanger too.
The supposed hero cheats BIG time Makes the heroine listen to it and apparently lets other women hurt her and finger rape her And she s his MATE His MATE Needless to say I might be curious but things like this really piss me off You pull the mate card and do all that No, no, no and no Novermber 2016Update At the end of this trilogy there s NO HEA either hide spoiler

Addison CainUSA TODAY bestselling author and Top 25 bestselling author, Addison Cain is best known for her dark romances, smoldering Omegaverse, and twisted alien worlds Her antiheroes are not always redeemable, her lead females stand fierce, and nothing is ever as it seems.Deep and sometimes heart wrenching, her books are not for the faint of heart But they are just right for those who e