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[Jane Godman] ↠´ Coltons Secret Bodyguard [young-adult-historical-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download æ His Mission Keep Her Safe, No Matter WhatJust As Bree Colton Is About To Take The Local Art World By Storm, Someone Is Determined To Sabotage Her Successunless Rylan Bennet Can Keep Her Safe Bree Doesn T Want Anyone To Protect Her Not Even Gorgeous Rylan, Whose Secrets Threaten Them Both But Can The Former Soldier Win The Battle For Bree S Heart And The War Against A Sinister Foe Filled with mystery, sex appeal and lots of heart Suspicious things are happening in Bree s world, and she just has to figure out if someone is playing games with her or if she is seriously losing her mind The next book in The Colton s of Roaring Springs series is interesting from the start and keeps us guessing to figure out who the bad guy is Fun characters and some adorable animals keep us entertained throughout Really enjoyed it Gallery owner artist Bree Colton is seeing some amazing traction among the art world and loves using her venue to introduce local young artist to the world She s definitely not going to let some whacko s threatening emails deter her until things start escalating and getting really serious Former military security specialist Rylan Bennet simply wanted to keep Bree safe when he I was pleasantly surprised by this brook Bree is a character dealing with feeling as if she has to somehow prove herself within her family, and Rylan is someone who has never expected love Since he is sent to protect her without her knowledge, they are able to spend some time getting to observe each other before acknowledging their attraction to each other I didn t give it a higher rating because I immediately knew who the bad guy was, and I wanted a little romantic interaction instead of spending so much time on why they were at odds I also felt that the author fell down on showing how great Rylan was as a security expert He made a lot of simple mistakes It was nice for a change for the black woman to actually h COLTON S SECRET BODYGUARD by author Jane Godman is an April 2019 Harlequin Romantic Suspense release Bree Colton was successful but someone was stalking her and trying to sabotage her career Then her mother hires a private guard for her without telling her Would Bree take kindly to bodyguard Rylan Bennet guarding her She had thought him her friend and now she felt betrayed by the secret he carried Could they work out their differences in time to stop the dangerous stalker In COLTON S SECRET BODYGUARD, we get terrific characters and a fast paced story with twists along the way and a small town where everyone is pretty much a suspect I felt a myriad of feelings reading this story I was at times emotional, near tears yet at other times I was kept on the edge of my seat by the tension Colton s Secret Bodyguard is a riveting addition to The Coltons of Roaring Springs miniseries Jane Godman s articulate writing brings the plot alive through vivid prose, engaging dialogue and lively characters whose contrasting personalities keep things interesting Bree Colton is one of fave heroines ever She is quirky and refreshing Rylan on the other hand is a softie inside He knows he s attracted to Bree but hides his feelings behind his tough masculinity.
The family drama, the electrifying attraction Rylan has for Bree, the menagerie of animals Rylan adopts.
and the edgy suspense all makes this book hard to put down I devoured every wordHighly Recommended 4.
5 Bree is a member of the affluent Colton family Someone isn t happy with them Bree starts to receive nasty messages, her property moved She tries to convince herself its nothing But her over protective family arent taking any chances They hire a bodyguard who they give the cover story of working with up and coming artists Rylan is attracted to Bree from the beginning As they get closer the secret Rylan is keeping from her gets important As Bree s stalker steps things up the stakes get higher This is a gripping read from Jane Godman I loved the motley crew of animals Papadum and Jekell the two dogs, Cindy from finance the cat aka nance Recommended for fans of intrigue romance Mystery with a touch of romanceColton s Secret Body Guard by Jane Goodman Bree Colton runs a successful art gallery but she is being targeted because she is a Colton Her mother hires a bodyguard, Rylan Bennett as she is fearful for her safety Rylan is undercover working in the gallery and there is an instant attraction between the two How will Bree react when she finds out he is secretly her bodyguard and will that affect their relationship Love the characters and the twists that come along the way.
This book is Bree Colton and Rylan Bennett s story and like all Ms Godman book you could read alone but you will go back for the others Bree has a problem someone is out to destroy her art Ryland is working undercover because he knows stubborn Bree wont get help from anyone is determined to find out what is going on There will be romance and lots or suspense You will be drawn into the story trying to figure out what is truly going on a page turner.
This is a fast paced sensual and moving story that brings artist, Bree Colton and former soldier Rylan Bennet together in a flurry of danger and some very series sensual feelings, this is part of a series but can be read alone but I am sure you will be getting the other books in the series.
Bree has struggled most of her life with a problem that makes most of her family do a bit of over protecting and when there are strange things happening at her gallery, her mother steps in and hires Rylan to protect her, undercover of course, the sensual pull she feels for her new worker is not normal and when she finds out the truth about his position there she is furious, but the danger is increasing and she really needs Rylan.
Rylan is an ex soldier he has had a tough l Colton s Secret Bodyguard The Coltons of Roaring Springs Book 4 by Jane Godman is Bree Colton and Rylan Bennett s story Bree is an artist and someone is messing with her and her work Rylan is ex military and working undercover because Bree doesn t want any help and wants to take care of everything, including herself, all alone Lots of suspense, and romance.

JANE GODMAN worked in a variety of shops, bars, and offices before settling into a career as a teacher She was born in Scotland and has lived in Germany, Wales, Malta, South Africa, and England Home is now the Wirral, a beautiful English peninsula situated between Wales and Liverpool Jane still gets the urge to travel, although these days she tends to head for a Spanish beach, or a European cit