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Û Read Û Violence Unveiled: Humanity at the Crossroads by Gil Bailie Û i don t know that i agree with Baile s conclusions, some of his departures from orthodox theology are difficult for me to make, but he challenges assumptions about atonement theology that have helped me to revisit my own beliefs.
Don t ask yourself what the world needs Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that What the world needs is people who have come alive With these words, Gil Bailie s exploration of Rene Girard s work began.
Sacred violence helps to put an end to other forms of violence when it arose Cathartic violence ends social chaosDisdain for religion is no antidote for religious superstition e.
g all the bloody atheistic regimes Scripture s intent is to achieve a conversion of the human heart allowing humanity to dispense with organised violence without sliding into the abyss of uncontrollable violence.
If everyone is a victim, who is the victimiser Myth is fragile and survives only when its premises are accepted uncritically, while the gospel can be trashed and betrayed without fatally compromising its demythologising power.
Contrition is the specifically Christian form of lucidi Appalling and glorious both.
Bailie s book examines our present historical crisis published 1995 in light of the work of Rene Girard.
Girard s anthropology explains the human mimetic condition which in times of crisis results in violence The violence murder is like a fever which builds, and peaks, and breaks the crisis Peace is restored, but the memory of the violence morphs into myth, suppressing the actual violence by sanctifying it and ritualizing it And the myth the this is who we are creates a culture The monkey wrench that was thrown into this universal pattern was the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Because his followers, Jews who had been formed in the gradual myth questioning process of the Hebrew Scriptures, proclaimed their ex If ever there has been a book that changed the direction of my life, this would be it Poetic, hyperbolic and inaccurate in spots, gloriously filled with faith, carefully crafted, and a good introduction to what is referred to as Girardian theory Many better books have been written about this brilliant thinker, Rene Girard, but many of us were introduced to Girard by Bailie If i was trying to introduce Girard to someone now, this book would probably not cross my mind Michael Hardin or James Alison, James Warren or Wolfgang Palatzer would be my recommendations today but 20 years ago this lovely book was the one that started me on a different path I recently reread it over a rainy day and remembered very specific moments through the book I feel certain that had this book not been written Girard would still be an obscure academic Thanks to Gil, and so

This is an amazing book with tons of insights into the formation of human culture and the role Jesus death and resurrection played in teaching the world about the myth of sacred violence Bailie is trying to describe the insights of Rene Girard, a French cultural critic, who is a prolific but difficult to understand writer Even my very intelligent husband gave up on Girard and searched for an easier read Girard believes that humanculture was founded on violence as a way to create cohesion among groups of people Just think about how countries band together in times of war Sacred Violence is the role religion plays in given violence legitimacy Bailie s book isn t for the lighthearted, either, however It took stamina to read the first half of the book where he lays the groundwork of Girard s theory The last half of the book became much interesting as he applied the theory to th I too found the book provocative and somewhat convincing The only thing I would add to the existing reviews is that Bailie puts a cultural spin on the redemptive value of the crucified Christ The symbol of the crucified Christ as it has been passed down through history, he maintains, exposes the vestiges of primitive religion in contemporary culture that use various forms of acceptable violence to satisfy a kind of a blood thirst Sounds weird, yes, but Bailie makes a credible case See for yourselves.
This book changed my understanding of Christianity and the meaning of the cross of Christ It forced my Christian views to go deeper than ever before I won t say I understand it all now, or that I believe without reservations But forcing a better and thoughtful understanding was powerful for me.
Rene Girard s work on sacrificial culture, Christian theology, and modern theory remains for me the most compelling work of the past decades Apparently the same can be said of Gil Bailie, a Christian theologian who heads his own California institute This book is an extended reflection and restatement of Girard s importance for modern evangelicals Worth reading, but perhaps the casual reader would do better to go straight to Girard himself read on the train ride back home.
This Is A Girardian Influenced, Engagingly Written Classic On The Nature Of Violence And The Hope For Overcoming It In Our Conflict Ridden World It Is Also A Literary Work, An Often Miraculous Interplay Between Cultural Documents And Historical Periods

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