↠´ Fire and Brimstone (Fortuna Academy, #1) ☆ Download by à J.B. Trepagnier

↠´ Fire and Brimstone (Fortuna Academy, #1) ☆ Download by à J.B. Trepagnier What Exactly Did Dear Old Mum Get Up To Before I Was Born I Was Supposed To Be Going To Harvard On A Full Ride I Ve Always Been Excellent At Chemistry Turns Out My Knack For Chemicals Was Because My Mum Is A Witch And A Potions Master Did I Mention She Summoned A Demon For A Ritual And Lucifer Himself Came Can I Tell You How Weird It Is To Go From Card Carrying Atheist To Finding Out Satan Is Your Dad Harvard Is Out My Magic Was Bound When I Was A Baby Apparently, Now I M Going To Fortuna Conservatory Instead Because Once I M Unbound, I Can Cause Hell On Earth Something About Being The Princess Of HellI M Engaged To Be Married To Who I Thought Was My Mother S Cat And A Boy From My High School I Ve Nicknamed Cockblocker Oh, He S Actually A Hellcat And I Hate Him I M Trying To Get Out Of It My High School Ex Is A Hellhound And He S At Fortuna With Me He S Unusually Interested In Who My Father Is And Would Have Known What I Was When We Were Dating In Fact, There Are Two Hellhound Leaders Here That Are Just A Little Too Interested In Dear Old Dad I M Woefully Behind In Everything Since I Was Raised As Human A Green Haired Warlock Has Taken Me Under His Wing To Help Me With Magic A Vampire Tutor Was Arranged For Me By The Woman Who Foretold My BirthAll The Answers About Me Came In A Vision To The Hellcat S Mother, Lilith She S The One Moving Pieces In The Background She S Arranging Marriages, Choosing My Classes, And Putting People In My Path She S Also Avoiding Giving Us Any Answers Can I Navigate A Magical School When I Have No Training, Not Kill This Hellcat I M Engaged To, Manage My Crushes On The Warlock And Vampire, And Still Survive With Two Huge Hellhounds Sniffing Around Something Big Is Happening My Birth Wouldn T Have Been Foretold If It Wasn T I Need To Unlock All Of My Gifts As Half Angel Half Witch Because Whatever Is Going On, I Ve Only Scratched The Surface When I started reading this story, I could not put it down I read the book in one day This author is an awesome writer I can not wait to read of their books Keep up the great work You should definitely read this book.
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I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review As I ve said before, I always give honest reviews whether people appreciate them or not This story begins with Hayley returning home from a date with Rhys We ll talk about him a little later When she enters the house her mom is with two men telling her that Hayley needs to go to some witch academy and not Harvard like she planned Yeah, telling an eighteen year old whose heart is set on going to Harvard that she suddenly can t means fireworks are about to go off Hayley s mom, Melinda, keeps telling the men no when Hayley breaks in Well, eventually the men leave when suddenly the father she didn t know she had pops in Her mom is a very powerful witch, but has been living as a human to protect Hayley Her father is, wait for it, Satan If you re ol What do u do when u find out your mum is a witch and your dad is the devil Why you go to the Fortuna academy of course to navigate your powers before unleash hell on earth This grabbed me from the blurb and this first book has it all from magic, witches, warlocks, vampires, hellhounds cats, fun, adventure and twists and turns that will have u hooked as Well Looking forward to reading Hayley was all ready to graduate and head for Harvard but things don t go as planed She is tapped for Fortuna Academy a place where magical beings learn to control their powers and how to survive in society Hayley by the way, it turns out has had her powers hidden from her in hopes of being normal but when the people at Fortuna comes knocking their is nothing for her parents to do but give them back, is the daughter of Lucifer and Witch, Lilith has made a deal that a Hellcat names Keane be betrothed to her, but that is not all theres lots surprises to come and I cant wait to read to this series This is a fantastic start to promising new series Hayley s life is tossed upside down when she finds out she isn t going to Harvard as she wanted to, but the school she is going to is just the start of the revelations that will throw her into a strange new world I loved the new species and the unique natures of them all, especially as they interacted so closely The choice Hayley has ahead of her will be a hard one, though considering it s RH it may not be For me, it s no surprise that I adored the nerdy vampire Of course, the other male leads could park their shoes under my bed anytime as well fictionally of course The end left me dying to start the next part.
What a beginningI really liked this book FMC was strong, feisty, stubborn, powerful and loving The guys were all different supes, personality and relationships all progressed separately Loads of supernatural beings Collage agedyay Villains Plans of murder Deception secret prophecy Heat Love triangle turns RH Had a really interesting plot runs smoothly I really loved the growth It was not a right away love story I love when they have to work for it Slow burn I will definitely continue this series.
This was an enchanting, entertaining, magical story about a human who finds out there is a lot to love and life than she had been raised to believe A lot of this tale has to do with friendship, trust, and inner strength This is the first section of what promises to be a terrific series about witches, vampires, angels, demons, etc If I hadn t already been a huge fan of JB Trepagnier, I would be now It ends in an ok for now sort of cliffhanger, and I can t wait to read the next section.
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I m rating this a 3.
5 but I didn t finish it, so take that with a grain of salt The 3.
5 is because the concept behind this book is fantastic a premise that truly tickles me and made me want to read it in one sitting However the writing style left me cold It is dialogue driven with little description or explanation plus it is incredibly fast Our main character, Hayley, is spoiled and immature and frankly, pretty bratty She accepts the truth of her nature in a heartbeat, yet somehow can t accept that the guy she despises has been trying to protect her from herself for the last few years It boggles Perhaps I gave up too soon, at 24% Maybe this gets better and I was just suffering through the fluff of intro before the meat of the story caught up to the narrative Possibly But possibly not Re y next ADULT Harry Potter style series Yay my other one ended boo hoo I am intrigued by the parents of our heroine How will that combination work out.
You are ready to off to the college of your drams, have your future planned out and BAM , your life changes in an instance Now add to that , you find out that you have magic and need to go to this school Every one has learned their magic while growing up Not you Add to that you can scent your mate but it is than one That is not the usual way it happens I can see where that may go, but not able to quite see what is the big what side you are on thing is leading to.
Looking forward to the next book.
This is my honest and freely given review I did receive an ARC copy.

JB Trepagnier is a huge liar She first started lying as a child when someone asked who colored on the walls She later went on to major in art, so they really should have framed it instead of sending her to the principals office so many times When she was fourteen, she wrote a very large lie into several notebooks, which later became her first book, Midnight s Sonata Rather than dabbling in pol